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That Time I Started a New Blog Because the Old One Didn’t Fit

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I’m back.

I canned my old blog, mainly because I wanted to start fresh. I want to be able to post about anything I want without having this albatross hanging over me called ‘expectations’. I started that thing like 4 years ago (wut? omg!<<—and I blame Anna for those typed letters there), and it just doesn’t fit me now. So yeah. New blog.

You will see lists. Might be three things, might be twenty. But lists will be involved. Like ‘Seven Things That Just Shouldn’t Exist’, or ‘Top Five Things My Kids Said This Week That Would Get Them Kicked Out of School’.  Things like that.

I hope you enjoy. This one will be rather stripped down, nothing fancy, but mainly because it won’t fit a ‘theme’. Really, I just want to talk. Metaphorically speaking. Maybe this will be helpful to inspire me to finish that damn book I’ve been writing for nearly 2 years.

If you don’t want to miss a single list, you can subscribe to the RSS feed up top there…don’t ask me what an RSS feed does, I just saw it and thought I would point it out. I’ll figure out how to add a ‘subscribe’ widget somehow (edit: found it! Look to the right) …I’m used to sites that I pay for, that I can put shitloads of stuff on. This one is free. No shitloads of stuff. We will make do.


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