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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Howard Jones Had a Point

I was going to do a vlog today, but the sound was crappy and I didn’t look as fantastic as I usually do. So you get this instead.

This was what my vlog would have been about, though. Things can only get better. Wherever you are in life right now, it is because you put yourself there. Good or bad, it is from your past actions that put you there. It’s like the butterfly effect: make one tiny choice differently 5 years ago, and your life might be completely different. The good news is that you can change where you are and who you are, if you want it.

I’ve been reading this book, ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’ (if you follow me on FB, Twitter, or Instagram, you may have figured this out since I post quotes from it on those), and frankly I think it should be required reading material for everyone. Everyone. You don’t necessarily have to want to be a millionaire (but ummm…why wouldn’t you?) to read it, but it is all about changing your thoughts and your actions to better your life using the nature of the universe.

So yes, things can only get better. But you have to make it so.

Enjoy some Howard Jones.


No Lists, but a Whole Lotta Love

Yesterday, I’m leaving my house after a brief stop to change (on my way to an appointment), and I go to get back in my car. Start it up, expect my iPod to come on because that was the last thing I was listening to (business building audio). Instead, the screen shows a CD is queued up. I’m perplexed. I have no CDs in my brand-new car (I got a new car last week, woo!) yet, so this is interesting.

First song that comes up is my wedding song. I look at the screen suspiciously, wondering where that came from. Obviously, there was only one real possibility (husband), but it is not something he normally does, so it took me aback.

When we were younger and in our ‘puppy love’ phase, we made each other mix tapes. This was back when it was still way too expensive to get a CD burner in any capacity…besides, mix tapes rock. Then when we got jobs and could afford such luxuries as a computer with a CD burner, we made each other mix CDs. This was generally for birthdays or anniversaries, when we didn’t know what else to get for the other. Or that one time I got one from him right before we were heading to the hospital to deliver our first son (awww, yes, it was cute).

But I have never, ever, received such a thing for no reason at all. (note to people in relationships: do this. Do this more often.)

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It’s that Conundrum of Acceptability vs Ingenuity

I’m not sure I’ll ever understand why people want to work full time jobs. I’ve never liked it. And I think that those that say they ‘like’ it don’t actually like the job itself, but like the people, or the interactive work, or the fact that it gets them out of their house for 8-10 hours a day when the kids drive them nuts (I was there). If they had an option that would give them all that, I bet they would take it. Something other than the prescribed ‘go to school, go to college, get a good job, work for 45 years, retire, work again because retirement blows’ method that is chiseled in most of humanity’s collective brain.

  1. Do you really like working for someone else? Having someone give you goals that aren’t actually fulfilling for YOU, but rather for a company?
  2. What about your bank account? Is that fulfilling? Do you get paid enough? Enough to make it ok for you to not see your family/friends as often as you would like? Enough to pay your bills and give you plenty left over to enjoy life?
  3. Is spending up to (sometimes more than) an hour in a metal box (car) weaving in and out of other metal boxes, sometimes cursing at them, a satisfying way to start the day? How about when you have to add gas and get gouged at the pump? Great day, huh?
  4. Do you have a job where you can make more money than your boss? How about one where other people help you make money? No? Yes? If so, awesome. That’s the kind of job everyone should have.

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The Next 13 Years are Shot…or Not

So my older boy started kindergarten today. He was very excited, and has been counting down the days for months. I have mixed feelings.

  • He’s my baby
  • I’m not old enough to have a kindergartner
  • He’s so sweet I’m afraid he’s going to get torn apart by the shithead bullies

Apparently I needn’t have worried about the last one, because he can stand up for himself.

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Another Way to Avoid Work

So as my sister and I gear up to head down to Greensboro, NC for our business convention, my mind is going a million miles a nanosecond, trying to remember everything I need to pack, what else I have to buy for the trip, in between freak-outs because we will be on stage.

1. Because I am a judger of others, I tend to think about how people will judge me based on how I look (eh, hazard of the game). While I’m not an insecure person by nature, there is always that worry that, you know, you don’t really look as good in that dress as you think do you.

2. I have basically a couple hours of time in the next two days during which I need to find a fabulous pair of teal/blue shoes and a matching/complementary necklace to go with my dress that I will be wearing on Saturday, possibly on stage in front of 25,000 people. I will not have my personal shopper’s help during this time. Send up prayers, because I’ll need some.

3. Am I the only one that always, ALWAYS has the feeling that I’ve forgotten something? I write out these packing lists that are like 2 sheets long, yet I always have this nagging doubt that clouds my brain, taunting that I’ve left something essential behind. Last time, it was a phone charger. Oops.

4. Why are there always so many distractions when you know you have a lot of work to get done? Just isn’t right.

6 Best Journey Songs Ever

So Journey is one of those bands that is universally loved while also universal fodder for those who do not believe in the melodramatic style of 80s love-pop-ballads (I just made this up). I fall into the former category. Mainly because I love 80s music in general, but something about the way Steve Perry could get up in those high notes…brrr. Gives you chills. Also, Steve Perry > all the other leads.

1. Faithfully (um, duh. Story about a love that beats the odds of life on the road, and they make it work in between tours, and he compares the music biz to the circus? yes, please)

2. Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’ (The very end with the Na Na Na Na NaNas…classic lighter singalong)

3. Separate Ways (the steady beat of this one always gets me doing the Chris Farley head movement–LEFT, RIGHT, ZIG, ZAG)

4. Any Way You Want It (you know you play the guitar riffs with your air guitar at the stoplights.)

5. Open Arms (anything that Mariah Carey can take and turn into an insanely popular song is worth something)

6. Don’t Stop Believin’ (yes, I included the obligatory song used in a popular TV show…even though the White Sox ruined it for me for a while when they adopted it as their anthem, it is still a quality song that you can’t help singing along with at the top of your lungs and the sunroof open and windows down. Just ask my sister.)

5 Suggestions for the Olympics to Encourage Viewership

1. If the male gymnasts got to shake their butts like the girls do on floor exercise. Come on. Guys like to move it, move it, too.

2. Cheerleaders at the swimming events. Like Will Ferrel and Cheri Oteri in SNL. Tacos, Burritos, what’s ocmin’ out of your Speedos? You stink, oh yeah, you stink!

3. A giant foam pit for the gymnasts to vault into. Style points on landing, since it doesn’t seem to matter if they stick them these days; NO ONE CAN BE PERFECT.

4. Harry Caray needs to be an announcer. I don’t care if he isn’t alive. Resurrect him. Budweiser for all!

5. The parents of athletes need to be scored as well, on their reactions while their kid is performing. I mean, have you seen some of them? It’s like they do the entire routines or race from the seat of their pants.