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6 Best Journey Songs Ever

So Journey is one of those bands that is universally loved while also universal fodder for those who do not believe in the melodramatic style of 80s love-pop-ballads (I just made this up). I fall into the former category. Mainly because I love 80s music in general, but something about the way Steve Perry could get up in those high notes…brrr. Gives you chills. Also, Steve Perry > all the other leads.

1. Faithfully (um, duh. Story about a love that beats the odds of life on the road, and they make it work in between tours, and he compares the music biz to the circus? yes, please)

2. Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’ (The very end with the Na Na Na Na NaNas…classic lighter singalong)

3. Separate Ways (the steady beat of this one always gets me doing the Chris Farley head movement–LEFT, RIGHT, ZIG, ZAG)

4. Any Way You Want It (you know you play the guitar riffs with your air guitar at the stoplights.)

5. Open Arms (anything that Mariah Carey can take and turn into an insanely popular song is worth something)

6. Don’t Stop Believin’ (yes, I included the obligatory song used in a popular TV show…even though the White Sox ruined it for me for a while when they adopted it as their anthem, it is still a quality song that you can’t help singing along with at the top of your lungs and the sunroof open and windows down. Just ask my sister.)

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