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Another Way to Avoid Work

So as my sister and I gear up to head down to Greensboro, NC for our business convention, my mind is going a million miles a nanosecond, trying to remember everything I need to pack, what else I have to buy for the trip, in between freak-outs because we will be on stage.

1. Because I am a judger of others, I tend to think about how people will judge me based on how I look (eh, hazard of the game). While I’m not an insecure person by nature, there is always that worry that, you know, you don’t really look as good in that dress as you think do you.

2. I have basically a couple hours of time in the next two days during which I need to find a fabulous pair of teal/blue shoes and a matching/complementary necklace to go with my dress that I will be wearing on Saturday, possibly on stage in front of 25,000 people. I will not have my personal shopper’s help during this time. Send up prayers, because I’ll need some.

3. Am I the only one that always, ALWAYS has the feeling that I’ve forgotten something? I write out these packing lists that are like 2 sheets long, yet I always have this nagging doubt that clouds my brain, taunting that I’ve left something essential behind. Last time, it was a phone charger. Oops.

4. Why are there always so many distractions when you know you have a lot of work to get done? Just isn’t right.

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