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The Next 13 Years are Shot…or Not

So my older boy started kindergarten today. He was very excited, and has been counting down the days for months. I have mixed feelings.

  • He’s my baby
  • I’m not old enough to have a kindergartner
  • He’s so sweet I’m afraid he’s going to get torn apart by the shithead bullies

Apparently I needn’t have worried about the last one, because he can stand up for himself.

This morning, I sat him on the counter while I was straightening my hair, and I laid down some ground rules for school.

  • He must be nice to everyone,
  • he must be friendly,
  • he must introduce himself to other kids,
  • He must listen to his teacher at all times
  • If he sees or hears other kids being mean to each other, he needs to tell them to stop, that it isn’t nice to mean.

Seems he was tested right out of the gate. They were doing a craft, and a couple other kids were sitting at his table with him and a friend of his from daycare (who is a girl but IS NOT his girlfriend, so he says). These other kids told them their drawing was bad. These are 5 year olds. Come on. Ryan said to them, stop being mean. Everyone draws different.

He listened to me. He stood up not only for himself, but for his friend. Good. Boy.

I guess maybe my concern about him being a follower may also be shown to be unfounded…we shall see. I know his sitter has been working on that with him. He’s so smart, but so susceptible to suggestions from hooligans (like his brother).

I think he’ll be fine.

Now if only we could stop telling him that he will now have to go to school every day for the next 13 years, at least. At least he reminds us ‘not on Saturdays and Sundays’.

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