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It’s that Conundrum of Acceptability vs Ingenuity

I’m not sure I’ll ever understand why people want to work full time jobs. I’ve never liked it. And I think that those that say they ‘like’ it don’t actually like the job itself, but like the people, or the interactive work, or the fact that it gets them out of their house for 8-10 hours a day when the kids drive them nuts (I was there). If they had an option that would give them all that, I bet they would take it. Something other than the prescribed ‘go to school, go to college, get a good job, work for 45 years, retire, work again because retirement blows’ method that is chiseled in most of humanity’s collective brain.

  1. Do you really like working for someone else? Having someone give you goals that aren’t actually fulfilling for YOU, but rather for a company?
  2. What about your bank account? Is that fulfilling? Do you get paid enough? Enough to make it ok for you to not see your family/friends as often as you would like? Enough to pay your bills and give you plenty left over to enjoy life?
  3. Is spending up to (sometimes more than) an hour in a metal box (car) weaving in and out of other metal boxes, sometimes cursing at them, a satisfying way to start the day? How about when you have to add gas and get gouged at the pump? Great day, huh?
  4. Do you have a job where you can make more money than your boss? How about one where other people help you make money? No? Yes? If so, awesome. That’s the kind of job everyone should have.

I legitimately wonder these things. WHY do people like doing these things? I really don’t, at all. I want something that *I* love to do because it benefits *me*, and that I directly see the proportionate payout depending on my work. I’m tired of getting the same paycheck no matter what effort I put into my job (if I was a complete slacker, maybe I wouldn’t mind it, but I work my ASS off). I’m tired of having to deal with people I really don’t like. I’m tired of having to get up at 5:45am Monday through Friday, leave my house by 7:30 to get to a job, then not get home until 6pm every night, two solid hours after my kids and husband get home. I’m tired of not being able to participate in things during the week. I’m tired of not being appreciated whatsoever, and knowing that I am at the ceiling in my position.

People laugh at me and roll their eyes when I try out different things, but that just means they have zero vision and are content to be mediocre, content to just be a piece of the puzzle.

I want to own the puzzle. I want to excel. I know there are better ways to live, and you are damn right that I have found one. That’s not what this post is about, though. This is about a genuine wonder about people.

Am I fired up? Yep.

Do I think differently than most? Apparently so, but I’m damn glad I do.

Back to a previous note:  If they had an option that would give them all that, I bet they would take it.

Why aren’t people interested in an option? I think it is fear. Fear of failure. Fear of the unknown. Fear of success. Fear of taking it on for yourself. Fear of what others will think.

I’m not afraid. But the question is: Are you?

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