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No Lists, but a Whole Lotta Love

Yesterday, I’m leaving my house after a brief stop to change (on my way to an appointment), and I go to get back in my car. Start it up, expect my iPod to come on because that was the last thing I was listening to (business building audio). Instead, the screen shows a CD is queued up. I’m perplexed. I have no CDs in my brand-new car (I got a new car last week, woo!) yet, so this is interesting.

First song that comes up is my wedding song. I look at the screen suspiciously, wondering where that came from. Obviously, there was only one real possibility (husband), but it is not something he normally does, so it took me aback.

When we were younger and in our ‘puppy love’ phase, we made each other mix tapes. This was back when it was still way too expensive to get a CD burner in any capacity…besides, mix tapes rock. Then when we got jobs and could afford such luxuries as a computer with a CD burner, we made each other mix CDs. This was generally for birthdays or anniversaries, when we didn’t know what else to get for the other. Or that one time I got one from him right before we were heading to the hospital to deliver our first son (awww, yes, it was cute).

But I have never, ever, received such a thing for no reason at all. (note to people in relationships: do this. Do this more often.)

20 love songs on a CD. He wanted 21 on there, but was too long by 2 seconds. And he snuck it in my car while I was inside for 10 minutes getting ready to leave again.

He even put 80s music and Adele on it, because he knows I like it (and her. It was Lovesong. He likes the 311 version better, but figured I’d like hers better. I like both, but very considerate.)

THIS is something I have been practically begging for years about. Not necessarily the CD itself, but the sentiment. The idea. The effort. THIS is what makes it okay when we don’t exchange cards or gifts for a birthday or Christmas or Sweetest Day (we don’t recognize that one…long story, but for good reason.)

When you put effort in on the non-holiday/nationally recognized days, it means much more. To me, anyway. Especially because if anything, I should be the one putting in extra effort right now, considering that I am gone a lot and he sometimes feels/acts like a single dad. But he knows I am working for our future. And he gets it.

But really, this is when I know I’ve got a great life. Appreciate what you have, and you can certainly want more (I do), but make sure that you keep the good that you do have.

And now he will be all embarrassed that I waxed poetic about his romantic gesture.

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  1. Amazing gesture, and don’t feel embarrassed about bragging!! This just goes to show that when you take care of yourself and pursue your own goals, it makes you more attractive, more appreciated, and basically, worth going the extra mile for.


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