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We All Know What Assuming Does…

I’ve been on a sort of ‘self growth’ journey for the past 9 months (while not pregnant, it certainly seems like I’m about to give birth to something), and there are a lot of things that I’ve realized about my circle of people.

  1. Just because you would do anything to help a friend does not mean they would do the same
  2. Not everyone wants to see you succeed. Some actually root against you out of some wayward fear of their own failure
  3. The people you expect to be there for you, aren’t, and the people you’d never guess would be, are.
  4. You have to let go of things and people that hold you back.
  5. It’s okay if you change (for the better) as a person. The test is whether the people you consider your friends will accept you as the new person and support you being better, or wish for the ‘old you’ because that was someone with whom they could commiserate instead of uplift
  6. People lie, all the time, in many ways, and you shouldn’t expect any less
  7. Most people are ‘happier’ being miserable and stuck (they call it ‘comfort’), and would rather stay miserable than think outside the box because the outside is uncomfortable.
  8. Most people just want to proclaim that they want change, and don’t have enough cajones to actually WORK for that change
  9. You can’t change a tiger’s stripes, and you can’t change a leopard’s spots, but if you look for the chameleons, you might get what you need
  10. I think this is the worst of all, because everyone does it (I used to, in some ways). People will always assume they know about something, and they are absolutely wrong. Because of how their brains are pre-programmed from years of ‘experience’, they will categorize new things according to the old things, which leads to them deciding they don’t like it (or like it) before they try it. Really, the new things should have categories of their own. They are NEW for a reason.

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  1. Lovely, V. Truly.

  2. There’s just too much truth here to pick one item to praise. Excellent post!

  3. I could not agree more.


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