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New Cars, Dead Computers, Christmas Comes Early at Our House

A couple weeks ago, we bought a new car. A 2013 Hyundai Sonata. I like it. Saving lots of money over the minivan that we had since Boy 1 was born.

So it isn’t really fair for me to say that we haven’t had a new toy for a while, because that’s a lie. But really, a car is a car. It’s not like we bought a new Camaro that we zip around in on the weekends.

This past weekend, our desktop computer died. It had been flickering with life on and off, and finally decided to shut down and not turn back on. Luckily, I had just updated the Quicken 30 minutes before this happened, so I knew where we were at in our finances. Yay, me.

(Yes, we blamed the kids at first, because every time it shut down, they were the ones on it…but perhaps it wasn’t really their fault, just bad guts.)

The husband and I had each recently been thinking about getting a tablet of some kind, so naturally, this came up when the computer died. We have a laptop, so we can just connect that to the monitor and keyboard in the office and use that as the regular work computer now, and it is easy enough to unplug things to take it with somewhere. But a tablet…oh, a tablet. My arms won’t get tired holding it. My shoulder won’t get tired hauling it around in my bag. It is cute. I can write on it with my stylus and take real notes like people used to, only on a screen, and I don’t have to keep up with my typing speed. And it can make sense of my handwriting. Oh, and it comes with Photoshop Touch loaded…wooo, mess with pictures!

We bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. I get it tomorrow. I’ll let you know how I like it.

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