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Occupy Yourself, Occupy the World



Is this still going on? Are there still protests? I don’t pay attention because I’m too busy moving myself out of that 99% to really care.

Yes, I said it. I don’t really care too much about the movement. Why? Because I’m not looking at myself as being stuck in my job, making just enough to get by.

Why blame the 1%? They’ve done what it takes to get their money. They’ve been willing to go out there and figure it out. And if they inherited, then someone before them had been willing to go out there and figure it out, or HAD to do it.

I sympathize with the people that are $60k-200k in debt from college and can’t get a job. I really do. But go figure something else out. Start a business. That’s what the top 5% do. They own some kind of business, often multiple. 75% of the top 5% own their own business in some form. I’d say that is what will get it done.

I love my business. I wish everyone would be open to what it is (which is amazing), because it doesn’t matter what kind of schooling you have, what background you came from, how much (or how little) money you have–it can work for anyone. But I don’t care if you do what I do, I just want you to go do something. Do it for an hour a day, do it with the few dollars you may have…just do it (sorry, Nike).

If you truly mean what you protest, that you want change, then go be it. Take your passion and emotion from feeling things are unfair, and MAKE it fair for yourself. Then make it fair for others by helping them do the same thing. There ARE other opportunities out there than just going to college (or not) and getting that half-decent (or below decent) paycheck at a job that slowly wicks away your life as you sit at your desk, or drive in your car, or deal with people you’d rather not deal with, or put out fires left and right while still getting the same paycheck no matter if you are worth more or less. Stop bitching because you think you’re being denied that ‘opportunity’, and go create your own. Find something that will pay you what you are worth, the equivalent of the effort you put in.

Protest if you want, because it makes things interesting, but at least have a plan to get out of it. As you well know, no one else will help you out, least of all the government (that’s sarcasm there, because owning your own business can be a great tax advantage, thanks to the government–hello, flight and hotel write-offs because you worked your business while on vacation). If you have no plan, then you are just protesting to protest. Go make money in a way that doesn’t rely on what others think you are worth, or what the stocks are doing today. Set yourself up today so that you can have a better tomorrow.

I’m only 31, but I wish every day that someone had told me 13 years ago about what else can be done to be successful in life, financially. I’ve been working my butt off since I was 16 years old, thinking that was how it had to be, because no one around me knew of another way. When I was 20, I tried something else. Failed. When I was 21, I tried something else. Failed. When I was 24, I tried something else. Failed. The moral of the story is, I kept trying, because I knew I didn’t want to be stuck doing whatever I was currently doing at that time. I never blamed others. I knew it was my own fault that things I tried didn’t work. But I knew I had to find a better way. It took 11 years of failing and trying, and I’ve finally hit on it. But that only happened because I never gave up on myself. I never said, wah wah, they won’t pay me more, they won’t give me a job, they all failed me. No. I just had to find something I believed in. Give me that, and I can survive for however long it takes to see things start churning out what I’m WORTH. I know in my head I’m worth more…the universe just had to catch up.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some global expansion to work on. I plan on occupying the world.

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