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Holidays Need Equal Rights Too!

So I’m one of those people that say they don’t want Christmas crap up before Thanksgiving ends. And I don’t. Poor Thanksgiving, always overlooked and overshadowed by Black Friday deals and red and green lights. But now, oh now, Christmas is encroaching upon Halloween! What. Is. This? IT’S NOT RIGHT, I TELL YOU.

This is why no one notices time passing…because we are always looking too far ahead to the future and making it all comingle with the present. Live in the now!

Last year, there was a store that put signs in the windows saying they would not be putting anything Christmas out or up until the day after Thanksgiving. May have been Bloomingdale’s or Nordstrom’s. Not sure which. But I applauded their firm stance, and totally would have shopped there if I could afford it, just to support them.

So yes, to those that decorate in holiday themes before their times, I side-eye you. I also shoot withering glances at houses decorated thusly.

In other news, my boys are currently obsessed with The Nightmare Before Christmas, which I also love from when I was a kid. It started because Just Dance 3 had ‘This is Halloween’ on it for a dance, and then of course I had to explain where it came from, and then they just HAD to see the movie, which turned into the bluray being bought recently. Next year, Ryan wants to be Jack Skellington, and lord only knows what Brandon will want to be…I wouldn’t put Sally past that child. Enjoy this awesome lights display to that song!

(PS, just because Trans-Siberian Orchestra came on my iPod this morning and I listened to the song does not mean that I was celebrating Christmas too early. It just means that TSO is far too fantastic to be pigeon-holed into one holiday)

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