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One Can Never Have Too Many Lovelies

Somewhere in the midst if change, you realize certain things. I’ve always grown up thinking that there was no way i could have some things, no way i could afford them. In turn, my mind would build a wall that basically blocked me from ever entertaining the thought of what i might want that was more than Target couture, because i believed it just wouldn’t happen. No sense in teasing myself. 

Lately, my mindset has changed. I know what is possible, and i know what can be available to me now. When you have absolute conviction that the next couple years will start an amazingly rich (not talking just money, either) life, lots of stuff becomes appealing. I’ve always scoffed at fancy heels and ‘booties’, but it seems that i have a bit more of a shoe obsession than i knew, and lovely things make themselves known to me now. I’m sure some will label me materialistic, which is fine. Maybe i am. But really, i think a lot more of us would admit we were if we had the means to be so.

What is something you would love to buy if you had the means to do it? I’d probably get too many shoes and too many purses. Well…too many according to my husband, ha.

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