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The Age-old Battle: Love vs Money

The holiday season brings about lots and lots of TV movies, most of which have an ending of the man or the woman rushing back to find the love they left behind, for various reasons.

Let’s examine this, shall we? This being the end of the year and all, when people evaluate how they spent their year, I think it is fitting.

Some people define success as having a lot of money. Some say it is having love in your life. I say, why not both? They are equally important. You can’t place a higher value on one over the other; its like comparing kiwis to bananas. Doesn’t make sense.

You can have a super successful business or job, with a great annual income (or monthly one, if that’s how you measure it), but if you don’t have someone in your life to celebrate that success with, someone to share it with, well then how successful were you, really?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that love is more important than money, not at all. See the bandana-kiwi analogy above. I’m just saying that people often don’t balance the two well. It is more common that they rationalize not having enough of one. If the money is low, they say well so what, I have love in my life.

So you can pay bills with love now? Does your landlord or mortgage company accept hugs and kisses as payment lately? No? Then perhaps money is important after all.

On the flip side, if someone eschews love because they feel they need to focus on making money, they say, oh I can’t split my time or I won’t do as well. Or, oh i don’t want to feel bad because i can’t spend time with my loved one while working hard.

Pardon me, I just spent several minutes laughing. I can personally attest to the benefits of finding that balance. I know I have waxed poetic about my husband before, but here I go again.

We’ve been together 13 years. Not all of those years were good. Even the very beginning of this year was rocky. It was absolutely difficult, at first, to constantly be gone building my business. But I was working that hard because of my family, not in spite of it. I had a serious discussion with my husband at one point, because i knew that i needed his support in order to continue what I was doing. I needed his assurance that it was okay, that he could handle it. And he did. He stepped up, big time. And this first year has been absolutely successful, and short term goals are well in sight.

That never would have happened if i hadn’t trusted him when he said he could handle it, if i hadn’t respected him enough to give him that responsibility. Of course I’ve had guilty moments, where i barely see my kids all week, and i see him for five minutes at night. But i know he is there, i know he supports me. I know that we will be able to enjoy the fruits of my labor in the not-too-distant future.

What is my long-winded point? That no matter your age, no matter your gender, no matter your orientation, no matter your intensity, no matter your desire for success–it only matters when you strike that balance. If you choose one over the other, shame on you. You never know what tomorrow may bring, and leaving one or the other behind when they are being handed to you is foolish. Never take anything for granted, especially love and money.

Now let’s go watch some sappy Lifetime movies. I’ve got money on the guy leaving the girl for a great job opportunity, but then he gets lonely and realizes he misses her, so he rushes back for a Christmas surprise. They make great drinking games.

(and no, this is not my end-of-year post)

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