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Goodbye 2012, Come on Down 2013!

Here we are. End of the year. I think lists are appropriate today.

Most Rewarding Parts of 2012

  1. Increasing confidence in myself, even though I thought it could go no higher (really, I was pretty confident already)
  2. Building a better future for my family
  3. Hitting some goals–new car, make money with new business, pay off a couple debts
  4. Starting the most amazing, most promising, best thing that ever happened to me business (even though technically that was 2011 by a few days)
  5. Building a better relationship with one of my siblings (which really turned into 3 of them because we are all on this journey together)
  6. Not throttling said sibling during the first year of growing pains (really, an accomplishment–she would say the same)
  7. Seeing one child start school, and watching him thrive and grow up so much already
  8. Seeing the other child start to calm down…wait, no…no, not really. He’s still a head-to-toe energy source. Should really plug into him to run the house on kinetic energy.

Most Challenging Parts of 2012

  1. Finding the balance I talked about yesterday. You have to stick with it, and it is not even close to being easy while discovering it.
  2. Learning that while you would be there and do anything for friends and family, not all of them would do the same for you.
  3. Severing contact with some of those people mentioned in #2. You can’t keep around the people that are waiting to see you fail.
  4. Starting the most amazing, most promising, best thing that ever happened to me business. Yep, this is on both lists. While it is one of the most rewarding, it was definitely the most challenging. The first year of any business is spent laying a foundation, failing over and over again, finding what works and what doesn’t, increasing your network of contacts, building your credibility, putting in a LOT of sweat equity, and continuously keeping the belief that you can do it, you just have to stick with it. If you haven’t failed yet, then you aren’t trying hard enough.
  5. Switching childcare providers mid-year. It was sudden, it was a little heartbreaking because the boys had grown up with the first one, but they transitioned well to the new one, and are thoroughly enjoying being around other kids and learning.
  6. Seeing my older boy go to kindergarten. You don’t get the feeling until you experience it. While I didn’t cry about him growing up, I did shed a tear about being ‘that much older’, having a kid in school.

Goals and Things to Look Forward to in 2013

  1. An exponential growth in business and income
  2. Quitting my J.O.B. (just over broke)
  3. Paying off the remainder of debt
  4. Meeting more new friends
  5. Meeting new business partners and helping them grow, while still supporting current ones
  6. Taking a real vacation with the family (haven’t done that since Ryan turned 1–Disney is on the list of destinations)
  7. Staying home after #2 and being able to be there when the kids get home from school, volunteer at the school, put the boys in activities, etc.
  8. Start painting. I’ve always enjoyed drawing, though I haven’t done it in ages, and pencils are usually my medium, but I think I would like to try some acrylics. My home needs some color.
  9. Finish writing my novel (fiction, drama-romance), start on new one based on Mom’s life growing up (the things we learn when we listen to stories)
  10. Continuing to develop and grow myself, always striving to be a better daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, and businesswoman.

I think that about covers my year. What about you? How did your 2012 compare to your 2011? What will your 2013 hold for you?

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