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Valentine’s Day Already? On a Planner, Yep.

So this is the first year that we have a kid in school. I already dropped the ball with Christmas treats for his classmates (didn’t even cross my mind, until he brought home a few from other kids), so I fully intend to come through for Valentine’s Day treats. This means planning ahead, even though it is only January 22nd.

At first, I was going to do these, because, really? Freaking adorable. But as Anna pointed out, the Swedish fish would be entirely consumed before putting the bags together. Noted.

Then, I was going to make these and these, mainly because I love any combination of pretzels and chocolate.


Then I was even thinking of doing these. Marshmallows, chocolate, and sprinkles? What’s not to love?





(If you don’t know why it is perfect, our last name is Corn…)

This image is from this site, and appears to be a vintage Valentine’s Day card aimed at kids. It’s like kismet!

I’m thinking of buying a few boxes of those individual bags of popcorn, printing this on cardstock, and using some of the ribbon and hole punches I still have around from my scrapbooking days. I’ll involve the child somehow, maybe attaching the cardstock to the popcorn package. I might also still do the pretzel dips for his teachers and the bus driver or something. They need a little love, too.

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