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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Leadership Traits–Do You Have Them?

I read an article today (9 Traits of the Best Leaders), and a few of the noted traits really stood out to me. I can’t say that I exhibit all of them, all the time, but a few of them I really do try to hold to. Though these are more directed at ‘bosses’ in a JOB environment, they can be maneuvered into any leadership situation.

  • 4. They support without seeking credit. 

A customer is upset. A vendor feels shortchanged. A coworker is frustrated. Whatever the issue, good bosses support their employees. They know that to do otherwise undermines the employee’s credibility and possibly authority.

Afterword, most bosses will say to the employee, “Listen, I took up for you, but…”

Remarkable bosses don’t say anything. They feel supporting their employees—even if that shines a negative spotlight on themselves—is the right thing to do and is therefore unremarkable.

Even though we all know it isn’t.


There are a lot of things that I help my business partners with, and a lot of things I do in my day job that people don’t realize I do. I don’t care if I get the credit (unless someone gets it that had nothing to do with it, but that’s a different story), as long as it gets done. If you are doing what you think you are doing, you should not have to given credit publicly. Believe me, the people involved already know if you did it, or if you did not.

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