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Completely Random Comparisons Part 1

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So a couple years ago, we had Comcast for TV/internet/phone. One of those bundles. Comcast then ramped up the rates ridiculous-style (nearly double), and we immediately went searching for a replacement. DirecTV looked good, price was right, so we switched. Problem there, was that DirecTV uses AT&T for internet and phone. For 1.5 years, we paid $90 per month for a phone we barely used (duh, everyone has long distance and unlimited minutes with cellphones), and shitastic internet speeds. I’m talking MAYBE 6MBps for download speeds (snail), and 512KBps upload speeds (brine shrimp). Since I have an internet business, that just didn’t work for me. Not to mention that it was erratic and spotty, and there were spots in the house that plain old didn’t get the wifi connection. WTAF.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, when the Comcast guy comes knocking at the door, trying to get us back. I told him what we were paying for DirecTV and AT&Crap, and said keep it under that, with at least the equipment we already had plus a couple things, with better internet speeds, and you got us back. He did it, I said ok.

Here are the pros and cons of our switch:

Comcast Pros

  • Amazeball internet speeds (over 20MBps download, nearly 10MBps upload, no connection drops)
  • OnDemand selection and speed is better (immediate watching, no downloading and waiting)
  • Gave us credits that would cover the early cancellation fees from AT&Crap
  • Kids get basic cable in their rooms for only $2 each. They can now watch Disney in their own rooms instead of ours in the morning.

Comcast Cons

  • Ghetto-ass cable guide. Seriously, our first TiVo back in 2002 had more advanced looks and features. Spice it up, guys
  • Prices will skyrocket after 2 years (that’s when we go back to the others for TV)
  • Really tiny DVR storage space. 5 HD shows recorded, and it is 10% full. Wut? Guess I have to stay on top of shows more often now.
  • Have to try to set up a series recording only a week before a show starts…I forget to do this and then have to catch up OnDemand. At least it is fast. But you have to wait for it to show up, sometimes 2 weeks.

DirecTV/AT&T Pros

  • DirecTV. Period. If we ever go back, we will just do DirecTV for satellite, and stick with Comcast internet. Rarely had a problem with service, automatically went to HD channels.

DirecTV/AT&T Cons

  • Did I mention the sucky AT&Crap internet? I mean, come on.¬†
  • UVerse, while an option now apparently (wasn’t for us before), still can’t touch Comcast internet speeds. Plus UVerse prices are obscene.

I’d like to point out that YES, this is one big #FIRSTWORLDPROBLEM. I don’t care. It is the world we live in.

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