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Why Does Eating Healthy Have to be So Involved

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Back to this fitness challenge thing…part of it is a meal program. The first 6 weeks, I’m supposed to cut out grains and starches. This is not a great idea. I looked at a list of grains and starches…WHO KNEW THAT CORN WAS A STARCH?? That is one of like only 9 vegetables I eat (though I am broadening my horizons…that number used to be more like 5).

So I go crying to my sister and a friend about how obscenely difficult this first 6 weeks will be if I have to cut all this out of my diet. Like, literally 75% of my diet are these things. I will admit that I will probably drop weight like slicing off butter if I cut it all out, but DAMN, I don’t want to starve! There is only so much cucumber in balsamic and dipped in hummus that a girl can take! Yes, add protein, but I like my eggs WITH their yolks (egg whites are like air to me), and I’m not big on fish…ok, I don’t like fish at all. I may have to use the trick we taught Ryan (first son), and hold my nose while eating it. It’s a texture thing, though. Hm. #obstacle

Sister’s response is to at least go gluten-free (friend agrees). Ok, fine. I can avoid wheat in the ingredients. However. That is WAY too much thinking for me. I’m not affected by gluten normally, so it isn’t something I really care about. I really think this will work best if someone just writes out my meals for the next 6 weeks, citing exactly what I can eat (not what I can’t), and I will go to the store each week and faithfully stick to those, and those only. I’m a details girl, that follows instructions to a T (I’m suddenly wondering where that expression comes from), so if you give me a list, I will keep to it. MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

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