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T-Rex Has Nothing on Me

We got a gym membership. Doing this challenge kind of requires it, because strength training is necessary to a transformation, not just cardio (we own an elliptical machine).

We’ve gone a couple times now, and let me tell you, I feel like T-Rex.


I can’t really straighten my elbows. This is awkward for me, because my elbows are the kind that hyper-extend naturally. You know, the kind that you can gross people out with, because they bend the ‘other’ way? Yeah, that kind. So it makes it doubly weird for me not to be able to straighten them at all. I can’t reach too high up, or reach anything farther away than half-arm’s length. I’m sure it looks awesome (see above).

All in the name of getting in shape. But hey, it’s worth it! (PS, I’ve increased my consumption of food I thought I disliked. Except some things I really now dislike.)


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