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A List About How I Chose to Parent Differently Than You (Most Likely)

So I had this whole post written out, ready to go, about the different parenting styles and how mine is looked down upon by the ‘earth mamas’ of the world…and I realized that I didn’t actually want to invite the judgers to come and ruin the vibe of my blog by trying to bombard me with their ‘research’ and ‘better’ ways. So I will just share this:

  • I opted not to breastfeed. My kids currently thrive, and are showing quite high intelligence. I made a completely selfish decision (selfish because I knew it was not for me), and we all turned out pretty okay.
  • I opted to have a hospital birth, complete with an…dun dun duuuuuuuuuuun…EPIDURAL. Both times. And I’m glad I did. I like doctors and hospitals, and the controlled aspect of that style of birth. I do NOT need someone coaching me through things and telling me that pain is good. Maybe you do. Yay for you, go get a doula and a blow-up swimming pool for your living room.
  • We sleep trained both boys. They currently put up no fights at bedtime, and The Man and I do not come out of the routine with mutual headaches. Oh, and it takes less than 10 minutes for lights to be out, and under the covers. Yep, they get to watch TV in their rooms if they go to bed before 9pm (judge away).
  • We are not strict, but we ARE firm, and though they do test us on occasion, they know when we allow them to win, and when they will never, ever win. Some even call us ‘laid back’.
  • We teach them to think for themselves, and be independent. If they fall down, we wait for their reaction before having our own. If they can’t do something after attempting only once, we tell them to keep trying until they can. If they truly give it a shot, and can’t get it, then we step in. Practice makes better (nothing is perfect).
  • I will most definitely pay a little more for items of convenience, because I am about efficiency. 6 years ago (and then a year later), making my own baby food was NOT efficient. It was irritating and time-consuming. Perhaps it won’t be the next time we go through the cycle again.
  • I did not baby-wear with Ryan (boy 1), but I did with Brandon (boy 2). Why? Necessity. Brandon had reflux, and we couldn’t lay him down on his back. HE HAD TO TUMMY SLEEP, OMGGGGGG. (Btw, my generation was laid to sleep on our stomachs…hi, I’m alive). But the wrap thingie I had (I think it was a Moby wrap?) was used every day for well over a month. But again, it was out of necessity, not because I *wanted* to babywear. I just preferred it over non-stop screaming in my ear.

At the end of all this word vomit, all I can say is that these are the ways that I have parented. You may have done something else. You likely did do something else. That doesn’t make either of us wrong. Just different. I’m not going to lie and say that I respect all ways of parenting, because I do not. However, I DO believe it is your right to do it how you wish–as long as you are not endangering your child. But don’t tell me that your way is better. It is just different.

I think I feel Kumbaya surfacing…

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