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Why Having Dreams is Essential to Personal Growth

If you’ve been reading my things for a while (I’ve written several blogs over the past 4-5 years), you know that 2012 was a bit of a change for me. Ok, well, a lot of a change. You may know why, you may not (questions are always welcome). One of the big things that changed was that dreams no longer were just dreams.

Do you know the difference?

Dreams are things that you wish you had, but never EVER will reach or achieve (according to you and your outlook on life). Many people say that even though something may not come true, dreams are nice to have. Others say that dreams are a waste of time, directly because they are merely that–DREAMS.

‘Dreams’, to me now, are goals that you just haven’t put into words yet. Goals are attainable. Dreams are big goals. Or little goals, like me wanting to own anything Oscar de la Renta (these earrings are a nice start).  But if you dream about something you desire to have, be, see, visit, etc, make it a goal! Figure out what is needed to achieve the dream, break it down into smaller goals that will eventually get you to the big dream. Write them down. Put actual DATES on them. You can always adjust later if you need to, but put them down. And don’t be safe. I’d rather shoot for the stars and perhaps fail, landing on the moon instead, than shoot just for the moon and fail, thus landing back on Earth. I know I’ll hit those stars at some point, it just may take longer than I’d like.

If you feel or think like the people that say dreams are a waste of time, I highly suggest reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Ecker. You don’t have to want to be a millionaire to read it (but really, who doesn’t? And if you say ‘me’, then you really need to read this book). It will help you learn why you have the outlook that you do about money and wealth, and if you want to, how to change that in order to be more successful (success not necessarily only defined by money).

I am seeing little dreams come true every other day, not just mine, but people around me. People I chose to align myself with in the past year. I know that my big dreams WILL happen in the foreseeable future, it is just a matter of mapping out my goals and doing the work to get there. Just ask my sister, who has her last day of work this coming Thursday, not because she wanted a new job, or was let go, but because she chose to chase a dream (big goals), and is ‘retiring’ from the corporate workforce. By choice, and at age 25. That’s a goal we should all appreciate, and likely a dream many have. Are you going after yours?

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