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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Video: The American’T Dream

This is what I have been trying to say. He’s so much more eloquent and artistic about it. Perhaps it will make some people think and re-evaluate their lives.


Veggie Chips are Almost Enough to Replace Ruffles. Almost.

You know what is awesome? Veggie chips. I’m eating veggies I never would have eaten before (albeit in chip form).

I’m on a detox this week, so I can pretty much only eat vegetables and fruits, not much else. Fun times. But, I was at the store yesterday, and in desperate need of a change from a salad (with no bacon–oh, the inhumanity!) at lunch, and sauteed zucchini and mushrooms for dinner. I’m a chip lover normally, so I was trying to figure out what I could dip into hummus or guacamole, while sticking to my detox. I came across the almighty veggie chips! I could not stop eating them when I got home, dipping into garlic hummus. Ridiculous. I know I could make them myself, but I am way too lazy to mandoline-slice vegetables I have to go to a specialty produce store to find.

The furthest I go with that stuff is slicing up corn tortillas and baking them to make chips.

So, this will apparently be the way that I eat beets, taro, sweet potato, and some other things I can’t pronounce (lies, I can, but I’m too lazy to go look at the bag).

What healthy things do you like to snack on? I need more suggestions. Detox only goes another 4 days, but we can always use healthy suggestions, especially for the kids.

So…What is it You DO, Anyway?

We have had our online business for about 16 months now, and yet I am willing to put money on the fact that 95% of our friends and family have no idea what it is we actually ‘do’. They probably think they do, but I guarantee they do not. Why do I say that? Because if they KNEW, truly knew, more would be interested in it for either themselves, or to help out.

We Help People

Sounds too easy, right? Wrong.

We help people. We help them find purpose. We help them chase dreams (and catch them). We help them set goals that in turn see them grow as a person. We help them get out of debt. We help them create wealth. We help them get healthy. We help them do things they’ve never thought they could. We help to create paths that they never knew existed. We help them to start new chapters in life.

I’ve had people say to me in the past, “You can do all that through¬†shopping?” Back then, I didn’t have the conviction and belief and experience that I do now. My answer then is quite different than it is today:

Yep. You are damned right we do.

I encourage people to do things they’ve never thought possible. I show them what else there is for their lives, and it is up to them to decide if they want it. I can tell you right now, that if I had never agreed to start this journey (having no idea at the time that it was going to BE a journey), we would be at a very different place in our lives. I’d still be unhealthy, and likely prepping for knee surgery. I’d still be sleeping like crap, and taking about 12 days of vacation per year because of illness, not actual vacation. I would still have no light at the end of the tunnel, and would still feel immensely guilty for not making it to my boys’ school things, or for only seeing them for a couple hours each day, and perpetuating the same cycle that our parents had.

Now, I can teach my kids that there are alternatives to being in debt for half your life (if not much longer), and to sitting in a box, to go to a box all day, and go home in a box, to watch a box, and repeating over and over, just to end up in a box at the end of your life. For some odd reason, that has never been a good thing, to me. I’ve always had this feeling that crawled beneath my skin, starting from my first ‘real’ job, all the way to this one. I’ve always felt there should be more to life, and I’ve spent time trying to find it, and failing. But now? I found it. I found my ‘more’. Wouldn’t you want to find your ‘more’?

I’m not here to talk anyone into anything, ever. You’re an adult, you make your own decisions. I provide information that you can either take, or leave. You want to decide it is something it is not, even though you have never given it a chance, or even looked at it? Go for it. But I’ll be over here, helping those that DO want more, and that are willing to listen. I know what can work, what does work, and how to work it. Our new objective is to help those that are with us to succeed, because without their success, WE are not successful. Do you want to come with us?

I hope it is obvious that I speak with conviction. If anyone knows me personally, they know that I don’t do things halfway. If I believe in it, it excels. If I don’t, it falters. I have absolute belief in what we have, where we are going, and that we will help others to do the same. I’d love for more to join us.

The Emotional High Before the Jarring Letdown

Have you ever had a day where you go about your daily routine, but it doesn’t feel quite right? Almost…foreign? Today is that day for me.

My weekend was spent at a convention for my business. Fairly normal, like most of the others we’ve gone to in the past 15 months, except this one was different. It was elevated.

My sister and I were ‘guest speakers’, in a panel called ‘Millionaires and Millionaires-in-the-Making’. Obviously we are not the former (yet), so we were the half of the panel that is on their way, along with a couple others. We knew a couple of the ‘millionaires’ (yes, they are that, but it wasn’t really about THAT) already, so there was a certain level of comfort at the start.

Going on stage in front of 2000 people to talk about how you ¬†have succeed thus far? Not comfortable. I’ve become accustomed to going onstage to accept an award or recognition for an achievement, but going onstage to actually TALK? Not really. I’ll admit it, I was a bit terrified. But I sucked it up and went out there, and I did pretty dang well. Except the part where Karisa made me cry. Again. Well, the first time was my own fault, because I was talking about how a product had changed my health, therefore changing my life. Emotions run wild.

When you do these kinds of things, you are seen as ‘somebody’ in the eyes of those watching. Do I feel different as a person? No. But I sure am treated differently. If feels good to know that you connect with someone on a personal level, even though you may never know about that connection. Or that you helped a person make a decision to turn themselves around and reach for their goals and dreams again. Things of that sort.

The problem, though, is that when you go back to your daily life, your daily routine, it seems so small. I don’t mean home life, that is always good to get back to, I mean work. Whatever you do to make a living (not sure why they call it a ‘living’ when really, you aren’t doing a lot of living). It feels WEIRD. The people I work with know nothing about the weekend I just experienced, except my boss, who isn’t here to ask how it was. The rest of them are aware that I had a ‘thing’, but have no idea of what transpired. There is absolutely no way to say this without sounding very full of myself (I’m aware of this–but I swear I’m not), but I feel bigger than my job. I feel bigger than the tasks given me. Will I continue to do them? Of course, for now, while I still need the paycheck. But by the end of this year? Not with the plans we have going on.

I think that part of the problem is how negative a work environment tends to be, in comparison with the positive environment that our conferences exude. You are happy and excited and having fun for 3 straight days, and then you come back to whiny, bitchy, complaining people, and you can’t do a thing about it. I much prefer to listen to encouragement and positive information, rather than the consistent negativity from the workplace. Calgon, take me away…(I hope that my readers are old enough to remember that…all 3 of them).

Since this is already long, I’m going to save my next thoughts for tomorrow, when I address what it actually is that we *do*, since people seem to not understand it just yet. Stay tuned…

Plans to Make to Occupy My Time: Kitchen Organization

I’ve been thinking about the things I will do with my time when I no longer have to go to a job.

1. Organize the damn cabinets.

This has been bothering me a while now. I like order, usually. I like things having their place. I like knowing that I can look in one cabinet and know exactly what will be there, while a drawer holds specific items, too. My desk at work may look messy, but I know where things are, and it is MY order. I can be away from my desk and close my eyes, and picture in my head what is there, and direct someone to an exact item, even though they would never have guessed it would be there.

We are the type to place papers, random objects, containers, etc, on the counter, table, dryer, washer, wherever it can land. This means that things can easily pile up. Living a busy life, sometimes housework can get lost along the way. I definitely did not get this from my mother.

Since we have been eating more healthy lately, there is an increased amount of ‘counter food’, and it bothers me that there is no good way to store these items. You know, the stuff that you aren’t supposed to refrigerate, and end up hanging out on the counter? This all came to a head a few minutes ago, after Peapod posted a ‘produce storage’ list on Pinterest. It made me start obsessing about how messy the counters were, and how the kids couldn’t reach the cereal in the pantry (thought doesn’t follow a straight line, there, I know). So I say, ok fine, there has to be a better way to store produce and food on the counters.

Enter: Google search for ‘counter food storage’. Result: The Container Store. Yes. The Mecca of storage.

They have storage for EVERYTHING. Cheese slices, pasta boxes (the spaghetti kind, because who ever uses an entire box of spaghetti at once?), CEREAL DISPENSERS, omg BACON.

This is the piece de resistance, however. Pickle. Straining. Jar.

Our mom has one of these, from Tupperware, that she has probably kept for 30 years or so. I’ve always envied it, and have never found one like it. So much easier to just dump the pickles in there, and lift the strainer when you want one, instead of digging into cold pickle juice with fingers, or wasting a fork to stab one out of the jar. I’M SO GETTING THIS.

You guys, seriously, when I’m done with this project (notice that I didn’t put a date on that), my pantry will look like this:

Ok, fine, maybe more like this: