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Plans to Make to Occupy My Time: Kitchen Organization

I’ve been thinking about the things I will do with my time when I no longer have to go to a job.

1. Organize the damn cabinets.

This has been bothering me a while now. I like order, usually. I like things having their place. I like knowing that I can look in one cabinet and know exactly what will be there, while a drawer holds specific items, too. My desk at work may look messy, but I know where things are, and it is MY order. I can be away from my desk and close my eyes, and picture in my head what is there, and direct someone to an exact item, even though they would never have guessed it would be there.

We are the type to place papers, random objects, containers, etc, on the counter, table, dryer, washer, wherever it can land. This means that things can easily pile up. Living a busy life, sometimes housework can get lost along the way. I definitely did not get this from my mother.

Since we have been eating more healthy lately, there is an increased amount of ‘counter food’, and it bothers me that there is no good way to store these items. You know, the stuff that you aren’t supposed to refrigerate, and end up hanging out on the counter? This all came to a head a few minutes ago, after Peapod posted a ‘produce storage’ list on Pinterest. It made me start obsessing about how messy the counters were, and how the kids couldn’t reach the cereal in the pantry (thought doesn’t follow a straight line, there, I know). So I say, ok fine, there has to be a better way to store produce and food on the counters.

Enter: Google search for ‘counter food storage’. Result: The Container Store. Yes. The Mecca of storage.

They have storage for EVERYTHING. Cheese slices, pasta boxes (the spaghetti kind, because who ever uses an entire box of spaghetti at once?), CEREAL DISPENSERS, omg BACON.

This is the piece de resistance, however. Pickle. Straining. Jar.

Our mom has one of these, from Tupperware, that she has probably kept for 30 years or so. I’ve always envied it, and have never found one like it. So much easier to just dump the pickles in there, and lift the strainer when you want one, instead of digging into cold pickle juice with fingers, or wasting a fork to stab one out of the jar. I’M SO GETTING THIS.

You guys, seriously, when I’m done with this project (notice that I didn’t put a date on that), my pantry will look like this:

Ok, fine, maybe more like this:

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