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The Emotional High Before the Jarring Letdown

Have you ever had a day where you go about your daily routine, but it doesn’t feel quite right? Almost…foreign? Today is that day for me.

My weekend was spent at a convention for my business. Fairly normal, like most of the others we’ve gone to in the past 15 months, except this one was different. It was elevated.

My sister and I were ‘guest speakers’, in a panel called ‘Millionaires and Millionaires-in-the-Making’. Obviously we are not the former (yet), so we were the half of the panel that is on their way, along with a couple others. We knew a couple of the ‘millionaires’ (yes, they are that, but it wasn’t really about THAT) already, so there was a certain level of comfort at the start.

Going on stage in front of 2000 people to talk about how you  have succeed thus far? Not comfortable. I’ve become accustomed to going onstage to accept an award or recognition for an achievement, but going onstage to actually TALK? Not really. I’ll admit it, I was a bit terrified. But I sucked it up and went out there, and I did pretty dang well. Except the part where Karisa made me cry. Again. Well, the first time was my own fault, because I was talking about how a product had changed my health, therefore changing my life. Emotions run wild.

When you do these kinds of things, you are seen as ‘somebody’ in the eyes of those watching. Do I feel different as a person? No. But I sure am treated differently. If feels good to know that you connect with someone on a personal level, even though you may never know about that connection. Or that you helped a person make a decision to turn themselves around and reach for their goals and dreams again. Things of that sort.

The problem, though, is that when you go back to your daily life, your daily routine, it seems so small. I don’t mean home life, that is always good to get back to, I mean work. Whatever you do to make a living (not sure why they call it a ‘living’ when really, you aren’t doing a lot of living). It feels WEIRD. The people I work with know nothing about the weekend I just experienced, except my boss, who isn’t here to ask how it was. The rest of them are aware that I had a ‘thing’, but have no idea of what transpired. There is absolutely no way to say this without sounding very full of myself (I’m aware of this–but I swear I’m not), but I feel bigger than my job. I feel bigger than the tasks given me. Will I continue to do them? Of course, for now, while I still need the paycheck. But by the end of this year? Not with the plans we have going on.

I think that part of the problem is how negative a work environment tends to be, in comparison with the positive environment that our conferences exude. You are happy and excited and having fun for 3 straight days, and then you come back to whiny, bitchy, complaining people, and you can’t do a thing about it. I much prefer to listen to encouragement and positive information, rather than the consistent negativity from the workplace. Calgon, take me away…(I hope that my readers are old enough to remember that…all 3 of them).

Since this is already long, I’m going to save my next thoughts for tomorrow, when I address what it actually is that we *do*, since people seem to not understand it just yet. Stay tuned…

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