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Fitness Challenge End…It’s Not Over, It’s Only Just Begun!

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So, you remember when I started my fitness challenge back on 3/1? It is officially over. I lost a total of 13 inches overall, with 6 of that in the hips, 4 in the waist. What surprised me, though, was that I only lost 10 lbs. I guess muscle really does weigh more than fat. I lost an entire clothing size, which is great. I can wear clothes that I never thought I would fit into again, and I even was able to comfortably wear a pair of designer shorts (notoriously sized too small) in a size smaller than I normally wear (and have worn for the past 12 years). I didn’t buy the shorts just yet, though, because even though my challenge is over, my journey has really just begun. Because of the success of the challenge, it encouraged us to take it a step further, and book personal training at our gym. This is something we’ve talked about for years, but never had the money to do (sound familiar?). This time, we decided enough was enough. We got ourselves started well, but we need professional assistance now. Shannon is looking great, I’m slimming down, but we both really want to be in a much healthier body fat %, and he wants to be more ‘cut’, while I need lean toning.

I think that the weirdest thing, for me, is that I actually enjoy working out now. I like to go to the gym. I look forward to the end of my day when I have a date with the weight machines. I’ve even got Shannon doing Leg Day now, because we are doing it together.

You know what the best part of the challenge was? How much better I feel now. I’m not winded as easily after a quick burst of activity. I don’t have to ‘suck it in’ (as much) when in tighter fitting clothing. Hell, I even WEAR that clothing more often now. I’ve got bigger goals ahead, but I know I can hit them. That new wardrobe will have to hold off a little while longer…I have a size in mind that I haven’t worn since I was 20 years old. But hey, if I can get to where I am now (haven’t been this ‘fit’ since I was 23), I know I can get down to that. People already think I’m years younger than I am because of my face…may as well get that body to match!

I know I could not have done this without the proper guidance, and the program I used during the challenge was a huge part of that. Nutrition, supplementation, accelerators, and workouts. Lifestyles need to entirely change in order for it to work, and mine has.

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