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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Run an Eco-Friendly Home? Check These Out…

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If you try to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, you will want to check out these products. They not only are better for the environment, with less waste, but are better for YOU and your family, AND save you $$$$$!


There are several options for this filter; standard countertop; under sink mount (used with countertop unit); shower (optional wand attachment)




532251_521616974562683_1814476656_nheavy duty image laundry image laundry uses image All Purpose image Cleaning product uses image disinfectant image fabric softener image 


SP7 (with optional toilet bowl dispenser), Lawn Power, Plant Power, Pool & Spa Cleaner

-!GlobalCare trade Lawn Power--561800375 -!Globalcare trade Pool Spa Cleaner--561800374 -!GlobalCare trade Plant Power--561800376 -!GlobalCare trade SP7 trade All Purpose Degrader Odor Controller--561800372

Supplements vs. Drugs–Are You Kidding Me?

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Pardon my language, but this proposed bill is bullshit. If it wasn’t for the supplements I currently take, I would still be in daily pain, loading up on double doses of painkillers nightly to sleep. I would not be able to work out. I would not be able to breathe properly. I would not be living the life I deserve. Drugs failed me. Supplements worked. If the drug companies get their hands on exclusivity for supplements, I’m screwed. They will NOT be as effective as what I take, and we will NOT be able to afford them. Shame on Dick Durbin for attempting this, and shame on those that perpetuate the ridiculous notion that supplements are more dangerous than drugs–drugs that are riddled with side effects, including DEATH. As far as I know, no one has ever DIED from taking vitamins (true vitamins, not with additives).

The Danger of Food Supplements is VASTLY Overstated

Help Me Pick ANOTHER Black-Tie Look!

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Yeah, so, remember yesterday, when I posted that gorgeous purple and black goddess dress? Apparently the rental deal that I have does not cover that level of rental ($350 vs $200, which is what I can get).

I nearly cried. Seriously. I’ll just have to tuck that one away for next year, when renting it won’t make me bat an eyelash.

So, have a few different options, now. Which one? Keep in mind, there will be sitting, drinking, eating, I think some dancing.


sapphire oscar x

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Help Me Pick a Black-Tie Look!

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We are attending a convention in August for our business, and one of the nights of convention, there is a black-tie gala. This means fancy dresses. We are using Rent the Runway to borrow dresses at fractions of the cost, and I’m trying to decide on what exactly I should rent.

Here is one:

purple necklace crystal crystal close


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Part-time Work vs ME-time Work

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I’ve been reading Robert Kiyosaki, and there are several times that I’ve thought to myself, “This should be required reading in school.”

No joke. If everyone had to read this, our economy (and our lives) would be a lot different.

I have a full time job. I also have two businesses; one that I provide services through, and I get paid only when I work (just like my full time job), and the other is a business that pays me whether I put time into it or not.

That is not to say I get paid no matter what, because that is not true. Rather, I have put time into it, and if I was happy being at the point I am at, I could take some time off it and would continue to get paid based on the work I did before.
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One Day Closer to Telling the Alarm Clock ‘No’

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Have you ever had a morning that you woke up and just said, “No.” out loud? I just did. I wanted to tell the alarm clock ‘No’, and go back to sleep. Can I do that, though? Not yet. I’m certainly doing my damnedest to get there, though. I am having those mornings far too often these days, and it just tells me I need to push myself harder to get out of it.

Until I get to that morning, though, I will have to just think of all the things that I will be able to do when I am there.

  • Read more
  • Start drawing again. Maybe paint.
  • Get to the gym every day like I intend to do now (though I will admit it gets difficult to squeeze it in during busy weeks like this one)
  • Be home to get my kids after school
  • Mow the lawn for Shannon every once in a while (yes, this is legit)
  • Keep the house cleaner (really, when you’ve had a long day at work, the LAST thing you want to do is clean your house, so I don’t…much)
  • Help at school in the boys’ classes (Brandon going to school next year is starting to make me really nervous…)
  • Bake more. I like to bake. Not for money, no. Just for enjoyment.

What would you do if you did not have to go to a job every day? Or, if you don’t work outside the home, what DO you do with your time?