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Part-time Work vs ME-time Work

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I’ve been reading Robert Kiyosaki, and there are several times that I’ve thought to myself, “This should be required reading in school.”

No joke. If everyone had to read this, our economy (and our lives) would be a lot different.

I have a full time job. I also have two businesses; one that I provide services through, and I get paid only when I work (just like my full time job), and the other is a business that pays me whether I put time into it or not.

That is not to say I get paid no matter what, because that is not true. Rather, I have put time into it, and if I was happy being at the point I am at, I could take some time off it and would continue to get paid based on the work I did before.

Can your job or business give you that? If yes, then good for you. If no, then maybe you should consider doing what I do.

When I show people my business structure, one of the big protests that comes out is “I don’t have time for that.” No? But the hours you spend watching TV and playing online games paid you? Ok.

Another response I’ve heard is, “That’s just too much work for me.” Really? But you would rather go get a part time job to ‘increase’ your income, which means you get to go listen to another set of bosses, get another heavily-taxed check that doesn’t remotely pay you what you are worth, and again, if you stop working, you get no pay. Oh, and by increasing your yearly income, you end up in the next higher tax bracket, therefore paying more in taxes, if not owing at tax time.

My favorite reason for not working for yourself and earning an income that continues to pay you even when you don’t work is, “I don’t have money.” So, you have money to buy that new TV, or go on that second or third vacation, or get that new phone, but you don’t have a few hundred dollars to invest in YOURSELF and your future? It’s called priorities. Your improved happiness and positive financial outlook should be first on your list of them.

People don’t understand that they need to have a backup plan. They don’t understand that they are the living embodiment of the definition for ‘insanity’ (repeating the same thing expecting different results= wake up, go to work, get home, eat dinner, go to sleep, wake up, go to work, etc…).

Personally, I chose to put my extra time into something I know will help my near future. Let’s call it a part time job, just for the sake of argument. Yep, I work two jobs. Except, the difference between me and someone else that has a part time job, is that I pay myself, not yet another corporation. I’m able to keep my taxes low because my part time job allows me to claim expenses. I put money back into my own pocket by spending with my part time job, rather than spending at brick and mortar stores. I like having V-Mart, because when people spend at my store, I get paid, and THEY get paid. I do all this while having a full time job, a husband, two kids, and another business, and debt that is being paid back but still keeps me from spending what I would really like to. Time, effort, and lack of money is something I chose to work around, rather than allowing it to block my progress.

So, how is my part time job looking now? Sure beats working for another boss, where I won’t personally benefit from my efforts, besides a meager check that likely pays for the gas to get there and the taxes I get hit with.

You’ll have to excuse me. I get a little crazy when I am handed reasons that something won’t work for a person, when they’ve never even tried. That, my friends, is called a comfort zone. People are unhappy, but they are not actually willing to change anything to make it better because they are afraid of being uncomfortable.

If everyone read that book I’m listening to, Rich Dad Poor Dad, the previous paragraph would be tested. People would realize that comfort zones are designed to keep the poor, poor, and allow the rich to get richer. If you don’t take that opportunity, someone else certainly will.

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