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Why am I still awake? Oh yeah, I know…

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So my husband went on a motorcycle run this weekend with some friends. He’s like 9 hours away, in Wisconsin. The state we will visit, but one just cannot stay too long. *shudder*

Anyway, it is currently 11:45pm, and I am still awake. Honestly, not even tired. I think I’ve convinced myself I’m not tired, though, because I don’t want to go to my empty bed. I’m so used to knowing he will be there, and I will have a cuddle buddy if I want…I’m not looking forward to a lonely bed.

I keep watching more shows on TLC. Currently they are all about wedding dresses. Bridesmaids, bridal, etc. I learned that Randy Fenoli (from Say Yes to the Dress) was in Chicago, at Indian Lakes Resort, to be exact, bringing his pop-up bridal salon to this area. How was I unaware of this? I love that guy. I love that show. I’d pretend to be getting married again just to go to that thing and get to have him help me try on dresses, no joke.

Speaking of which…though I recoil at the cost of a dress being $5000…I know I would spend it if I had it, and if I found a dress I loved. I totally would. However, I would try on all price ranges and not care how ‘cheap’ it was, or expensive…if I had the money. I loved my wedding. I’d do it all over again, if I had the disposable income to do it. Perhaps our 15 year anniversary, we’ll do a vow renewal, and I’ll plan a big ole wedding again. I have 5 years to get the income to do it šŸ˜‰

What would you do if money was no object? Don’t be afraid to be material…that’s great if you want to donate it, or be St. Teresa…but what would you do for yourself?

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