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If At First You Don’t Succeed, Fail, Fail Again!

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Last week, I introduced the concept of RPO. Then I told you all about my first glorious failure at trying to live outside the college/9-5/retire at 65 box. Most people would drop their crazy ideas and say screw it, back to convention I go. And not the good kind of convention, like being with 25,000 people that love what they do, and hardcore training for 3 days in a coliseum. Nope, not that kind.

What was my next folly, you ask? Well, after moving back home, living there for a while, then moving out (long story) into our own apartment, and getting a waitressing job (not a bad gig, if you are at a pricey restaurant…otherwise, sooooo not worth it), I came across some air filter thing. I legitimately do not even recall the name of it. I think I spent $600 on that thing (it did work well, I’ll give it that), but it was an MLM thing (MLM=multi-level marketing, though I like to refer to it as ‘Make Little Money’) that relied on convincing people to spend $600 on an air filter system, of which you earned some of that as profit.

Ask me if I sold any.

While we used the air filter for a while, the company went under after a few months. I discovered this when I tried to find out where to purchase replacement filter screens, and it just no longer existed on the internet, nor via the phone number my papers had. Poof. Gone. This happens to about 200 companies per year that try the MLM route as their sole means of sales. Cheap labor, sure, but how legal is it?

So, after elevating my fiance’s irritation to a CODE:YELLOW, and dropping $600 on something that we used for about 4 months, did I give up hope? Did I concede? I mean, heaven knows that after trying 2 ‘businesses’ and failing, it must not work that way, right? RIGHT?

Of course I didn’t quit. Well. I didn’t quit dreaming. I didn’t quit searching. I didn’t quit wanting more.

I did quit telling my fiance about my dreams, though. I also quit telling him about my ideas, and alternatives to working. Well, I should say alternatives to working for someone else. Being an entrepreneur is most definitely ‘working’. I probably work harder at that than I do at my day job. Yes, I still have a day job, for now. The horizon is bright, though, and I know my time there is limited.

What was next for me? I considered a couple ‘romance’ party businesses. You know, the ones that you go to with girlfriends, everyone giggles at the taboo subject, then walks out with their purchases in a plain brown paper bag so as not to alert the group what sins you are into. Gave that one considerable though, then nixed it. I didn’t want to have to haul around inventory of toys and clothes that might get a side-eye if I ever got pulled over and the trunk opened.

Then I checked out the cookware one. The PC one. At my day job, I actually work across the street from their headquarters. I love the products, and the ‘get in’ deal was pretty decent. The problem is…I’m not a big chef. I rarely cook. I make a fabulous lasagna from scratch, and I can bake up a storm, but cooking? Eh. So again, my lack of passion for the subject would pose a huge problem. I also realized that there were only *so* many kitchen products one could purchase, and get friends to purchase. I knew there was no way, at all, that I could keep my hours low, and yet still make the money I wanted. I also didn’t want to have to build a team and keep them at an elevated level in order to earn the money I worked my butt off to get. No, thanks! (PS, this is how most of them were, when looking at the pay plans. The first couple times, I was like yeah, totally, I could do that! But after getting burned…you realize that you may not be the superstar that is required to make that work in your favor). I’ll tell you all about one that I thought would work really well.

Want to hear more? Because there is more! Alas, I must return to my work at the moment…promise to continue tomorrow!


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