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Things People Say Wrong, Repeatedly

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My friend Tricia shared this link on Facebook this morning, and I found myself vehemently nodding along with every single point:

17 Phrases you’re probably saying wrong

I will admit to not having realized #5 until I read it there, though, but seeing it pointed out in the correct manner makes me pay attention to it, now, as well.

I wanted to add some things to this list, though it is more about pronunciation of common words than actual grammar.

Thanks to Sasha for this one: supposedly. What is the most common mispronunciation of this word? Supposably. That is not to say that ‘supposably’ is not a word. It is a legitimate word. However, it is not interchangeable with ‘supposedly’.

How would you read ‘etc’ aloud? The long form of the word is ‘etcetera’. Sound out each syllable. It is not ‘ex-etera’. It is not ‘excetra’. It is ‘et-ce-ter-a’.

One that my co-worker just drove me mad with this morning (leading to this post) is ‘asterisk’. Please read that aloud, according to the actual letters. (If you do not know what that word means, it is the word for this symbol: *)

I’m not sure if she was deliberately trying to shatter my eardrums, or create a new tic for me, but she kept saying ‘asterik’. Over and over and over, on the phone, to another person, she repeated it. “Use an asterik. Try an asterik.”


What it tells me, though, is that she has never seen the word written out. It’s like when people know that the ‘&’ symbol means ‘and’, but do not know that the proper name for it is ‘ampersand’. I’m sure there is some history there.

This same co-worker writes emails as such: Yes, instead of @, she writes ‘at’. Maybe there is no hope for this person.

BUT THERE IS STILL HOPE FOR YOU! Read that list I linked to, and do realize that when you properly pronounce words, you sound smarter. Yes, these are little things that you may say do not matter, but I guarantee that if you are talking to ME and say something incorrectly or just plain wrong, I’ll judge you a little in my head. Make it a point to sound smarter in life. You may get a little further.


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