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Full Speed Ahead, Next Stop: Creativeville #RPO #PlanB

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How was your weekend? Did you enjoy it? Did you perhaps go somewhere, and really not want to return to work this morning? Welcome to the world of billions.

I’m trying to end that cycle for myself, and anyone else that wants to jump on the train.

I saw this blurb today: writes: By 2030, based on the current trend of widening income inequality, close to 85% of all working-age adults in the U.S. will experience bouts of economic insecurity.

I’ve been through my bout, never want to go back. Still climbing out of it, as a matter of fact. Why is it that the majority of people must have a negative experience affect their life before they will create a ‘cushion’ for themselves? Before they realize it is even necessary? Are you one of those people? Are you going through life every day, thinking to yourself, I have a good job, comfortable life, generally have no problems with money (people that live paycheck to paycheck view themselves as comfortable because their paycheck is big enough to cover what they currently want). What happens when you get hurt, can’t work, or even worse, what would happen if you died? If your spouse died? If there was no life insurance? And I’m not talking AFLAC stuff here.  Morbid? Yep. Reality? Oh, yes.

My husband has a motorcycle. We ride. Not as often as I’d like to, but I jump on when I can. Yesterday, we joined a neighbor couple on a charity run into downtown Chicago. This run benefits the same charity that we do another run for in September, with my dad’s club (yes, my dad is in a motorcycle gang…not the bad kind, though, rather the kind that does charity work and creates a family atmosphere for all involved. They also happen to be a largely police-membered club. My dad is one that is not an officer, but many of them are.) The run they organize in September benefits the Gold Star Families (info here) which raises money for the families of fallen officers, and commemorates the anniversary of the first fallen officer in Chicago, Casper Lauer. The run we did yesterday benefits the same organization, and is organized by the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation. Without this foundation, the families who lose their loved ones in the line of duty would be financially crushed. They rarely have a backup plan, because who really does?

This is why I push what I do. Maybe my business isn’t for you, but find SOMETHING that is, and that works, and that gives you the cushion.

What was my next stop on the RPO train? Busting out my artist skillz and becoming a rep for a scrapbooking company. One of my good friends had already been a rep for a little while, and I had fun with the products while being her customer. It wasn’t too difficult for her to get me to commit to being a rep, I do believe. In this case, though, I wasn’t looking to create a permanent income stream that would replace my full-time income at my job. I was just looking to make some money on the side to help with bills. I had already lost the optimism of finding an alternative to work, remember? At the time, it made sense to me to become a rep, because I’d get a discount on the products, and if I wanted to make money, I could get customers and possibly other interested people to join me.

I stuck this one out for nearly 3 years, I think. Didn’t make much money, but had some fun. I quit because it just wasn’t fitting into my life any longer, and was too much work to create parties and camps and such. I had 2 kids within a span of 2 years, and no time to do what I once did. What once was fun, became work, because I had to carve time out of my life to do things that very few people joined me in. My friend also quit, likely for the same reasons. Her sponsor also had quit, which kind of led to the team crumble.

While I count this as something I was ‘involved’ in, it truly was not me being an entrepreneur and trying it. It was far more of me being my own best customer. I did give it a try to earn money, but it never panned out.

After I quit that ‘business’, I lazily looked at others (even in ‘retirement’, always looking) and considered things I could do. Jewelry stuff was one I considered. But people can only buy *so much* jewelry. You don’t have to replenish jewelry, as you don’t have to really replenish stamp sets, cookware, or ‘romance’ toys.

Looking back at my ‘career’ in entrepreneurship, I’ve picked up many ‘trigger points’ along the way, in what I am starting to believe shaped my vision of what kind of business I COULD succeed in.

I’m making my list, checking it twice, and you’ll find out what’s naughty or nice tomorrow 😉


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