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13 Years, 5 Failures, Lots of Lost Dollars All Led to This #RPO

Weight can be a funny thing. I’ve decided I’m throwing out my scale. Well, ok, just not using it any longer, as my husband still uses it. But for me, it is pointless. I’ve only lost like 3 actual pounds, but my body is most definitely different now. I have more muscle forming. I have lost excess stuff around the middle (thanks, pregnancy). I can fit into smaller sizes now. But that scale taunts me. So, I shall kick it to the curb, figuratively speaking.

Anyway, back to our big topic lately…what do you do when you are Really Pissed Off?

If you are like me (heavens help you if so), your mind is continuously processing thousands of ideas per second, racing around trying to figure out what will work, and what won’t.

I’ve found what won’t. Several times. But in the process, I’ve singled out things that will work, and kept a running tally in my head.

  • This may be the most important, because it gives you better chances at succeeding from the word ‘go’: an experienced team

When you have an experienced team behind you, you just plain feel better. You know that they will pick up where you are not trained, they demonstrate the techniques and process by which THEY have already succeeded. Personally, I love to be given instructions, all pretty and laid out for me.

  • Quotas suck

If you’ve ever been in an MLM or ‘network marketing’ structure that works horizontally, or anything that pays you in percentages of others’ sales, you know this to be true. Generally, to keep earning your level, you have to make sure you get certain quotas each month, and that your team does as well. Some companies do quarterly, some monthly (most). But for me? To have to make sure that my TEAM does a certain amount in order for ME to get paid what I earned? No, thanks. That sounds like a job, and one that kind of blows. Like, it is a nice idea, and it DID work for some time, but honestly, I don’t want to have to hound people to get their sales in, get their totals in, etc, in order for ME to get paid. I can handle my OWN ‘quota’ if it is smaller and not as frequent.

  • You need more than one product

As a matter of fact, I’ll take as many types of products as possible, to have as many customers be interested as possible! If you have a business with ONE product, or one grouping of one style of product (cookware, jewelry, shakes, air filters, weightloss supplements/wraps/creams/drinks, makeup, stamps, bedroom toys, ETC), you automatically alienate anyone not interested in that ONE type of product, and they will never be your customer, and 99.99999% will never be a business partner. If your neighbor is physically fit, and you are selling weightloss products, they will not be your customer. If your co-workers are all male, and you sell makeup, they will never be your customer. See the point?

This is not to say that those things don’t *work*, but it IS to say that it is a lot more difficult to succeed when you don’t even have customer potential 9/10 people you walk past.

If you have multiple types of products (multiple meaning a LOT), you open up the door to have more customers, period.

  • You need amazeballs products

Most people get started in something because they used a product and it worked for them. They have excitement about it, they feel good recommending it others, if they know people it will help. Great, that’s how it should be! But, see the previous point.

If you want to have the greatest potential to succeed, you need an array of products with which to approach people. All the stuff up there^^? You want it all. You want nutrition products. And makeup. And shakes. And skincare. And fitness. And lots of other things. This way, every person you meet has the potential to be a customer, and maybe a partner. Those products all need to be stellar, though, and you NEED to take your own products! Maybe not every single one, but you need to try them out. See how they work. Develop a testimony for something that has really helped you, so that when you hear a person complain about the same thing, you feel confident that you can suggest a product that works.

  • You need happy customers

What does your business do FOR your customers to keep them happy, besides having great products? Do you offer referral incentives? Free product? Credits toward future products? There are a lot of ways to do this, but I’ve found that giving them the most generic thing you can–money–works best. If someone buys something from me on my website, we give them ‘thank you’ cash. Yes, cash. Not special deals for buying multiple things, or half price for committing to purchasing for a length of time, or credits for other purchases…just cash. Do we have discounts for recurring purchases? Yep. But they aren’t locked into anything. We also pay them–cash–to refer their friends to shop with us. Keep your customer happy, and they will come back to you over and over again!

  • A legal, logical start-up is necessary.

If you only have to spend $20 to start a business…you do *not* have a business. Whoever ‘helped’ you start that business likely got paid for you to sign up, and half that $20 probably went to them. If you are seriously looking to start a true business, you want to have a bundle of things included in your registration. Products for you to try (or sell to make immediate money), a fully operational ‘office’ where you can track everything that happens, and these days, a website is a MUST.  I’ve been burned so many times on this one…I will not name company names, but in my head, I can not even count how many things I’ve seen that either don’t have product, and you get paid by signing people up, or have some products but not a very good website, or have no way for you to track your own stuff, therefore you never know if you got paid correctly.

  • Tangible, successful people (including the owners) that you have access to are a must if you want to feel comfortable reaching toward success

In a lot of presentations for businesses, we are shown ‘top earners’, and they are usually standing in front of their ‘free’ (don’t get me started on that one) cars, or their huge homes, or holding giant bonus checks. But in every business I tried, I *never* had access to those people. I barely (if at all) had access to the one that signed me up. They were just names, and faces, never someone I could get to know, and learn from. In what I do now, I have the personal phone numbers of many of our top earners. We talk. We learn. We share. They even talk to MY potential partners. They ask about my family. They party with me at our huge conventions. They make you feel like a friend, and in many cases, some become very good friends of yours. Why do they do this? Because in our business, we care about people succeeding, not just about them being another tally on our sign-up quota. We care about what makes them tick. If I can find out why you want more money, or why you want more time, or why you want to quit your job, then I will be better able to help you. I don’t get paid when you sign up. I don’t get a bonus if you were my tenth person this month. There is zero personal reasoning to bring a partner on board when that is the pay structure, therefore, there is zero personal reason for them to stay on, or for you to work with them to help them succeed.

I’ve been trying to be impartial while sharing the criteria I’ve learned, but toward the end, it became difficult. I get very passionate about what I do. It took me 13 years to figure all this out, and multiple heartbreaks, crashes, failures, and financial hits. If you’ve noticed, I’ve never once said what my business is, only what it isn’t. I will not put down other companies directly, only their flaws. They do work for some. But some isn’t most, and it isn’t even ‘many’. If I can screw up that many times, at that many things, for that many reasons, but yet I am successful in what I finally landed upon? You can be, too.

I’m not here to directly promote my business, but if you even want to see what I do, see why I think it is the culmination of all the good things about other businesses, and none of the crap, then ask me. We are very open. Our training videos, material, websites, etc, are all open access, save for a small few that are for business owners that have worked for the right for that access. We will even work with you before you are a partner, to reach out to your network and see if you have what it takes to succeed.

Thank you for all the recent follows and likes on my blog, and I hope you continue to read (and I wouldn’t mind a comment or two). It won’t be all business, but since my business is intertwined with my life, it will most definitely be there still!

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