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August Started off with a BANG!

Do you know how weird it felt to not post for nearly 2 weeks? Weird. Especially after posting nearly every day for a while. Situation: Remedied!

So, August has been a big month so far.

  • My ten year wedding anniversary happened on 8/8.
  • My kids start school on Monday, which means my baby will be in kindergarten, and we will officially no longer have ‘babies’ in the house (though a tantrum will beg to differ).
  • My husband got to drive a Lamborghini at a special event, really cool
  • I did not spend my anniversary with my understanding husband…why not? Well…

…because I got to spend it at this place:

That’s my business. I know I don’t say it by name much on here, but I don’t hide it, either. I just don’t want to have it seem like this is a ‘recruiting’ site…it is not, at all. This company is the culmination of all my frustrations and trials and errors, and yes, FAILURES, over the years. It was the pot of gold at the end of a very long rainbow. A rainbow that was muddied in the middle somewhere, but the colors blazed bright and beautiful when I figured it all out. I love what I do. All 22,000 people in that video do as well.

When you can capitalize on all this:

how could you NOT love it?

Anyway, we had a blast, and loved seeing old friends again (we see them only every 6 months sometimes!), and enjoyed dressing up for the Gala that was held to honor the year’s accomplishments. Enjoy some pictures!


My sister and I with Rick Herbst (Hearst)


Our team, having a little fun!


My sister and I with one of the top earners, a lovely woman, Jacki Blasko


Me, Josie, Karisa


Too much fun!!


Gala night, at the table. Loved dressing up!

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