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This One’s a Doozy. Read with Caution!

Sometimes I write posts, and when I get to the end, I realize I shouldn’t actually POST what I wrote. This happened yesterday. I never want to sound preachy, which was the result of what I had written. Will I be direct? Yes. Will I be blunt? Yes. But not preachy, and I’d prefer to stay away from putting down other businesses out there (when discussing business). There was no real way to get my point across yesterday without doing this, so I opted to not make it public.

Today, I’m irritated. Not quite RPO, but irritated as hell. And today, I’m about to get direct with you, dear reader.

I wish I could make one of those magic flowcharts that tells you what to do at the end, based on your answers from one step to the next. It would be SO MUCH EASIER to make people understand what they just don’t know. Mine would look something like this:


This is why I don’t make flowcharts. Pretend there are pretty colors that correspond to the answers, leading your eye in a pleasing manner.

But I’m serious, here. I talk to a lot of people via my business, and many of them say, “Well I’m happy with where I’m at right now.” La-di-freaking-da, great for you! No, really, great for you. What you are missing, though, is the key phrase ‘right now’. What happens tomorrow, if you were to get hurt and could no longer work? AFLAC only goes so far. Or what if you died? Do you have a family that would be supported somehow? Could your job be willed down to a benefactor (wife/husband/kids/etc), and could they continue to get paid for what you do, even if they didn’t have the skills to do it? What if you ended up in the hospital with cancer, and your FMLA only paid half your salary for 6 weeks, then OOPS, nothing more? Or what if you lost your job?  This happened to two people at my office in the past couple months. Just gone. No warning, no idea, no backup, now no job.

I want to point out that the above scenarios are NOT only ‘what ifs’. They HAPPEN. They have happened to people I know, and people I care about. A couple DID have a backup in place, where they were already making a side income that continued to come, even though they could not ‘work’ for it for several months. Do you have that in place? Why not? What is stopping you from creating that security?

See, this is where a vlog would be best…my passion shines through when I speak about something I care deeply about, and sometimes words don’t cut it. I’m sure gonna try, though.

I make you think about the hard stuff. No one wants to think about getting hurt, dying, losing their job, or any other tragedy that may befall a person in the future. But now, I’m forcing you to. Even if only 20 people read this post, if ONE of those people gets what I’m talking about, and does what they need to do to FIX and PREPARE, then my time is well-used. The other 19 of you, well, I hope nothing bad ever happens to you. The odds are not with you, though, I’m afraid.

I look at my boys, and I watch them grow, and I am terrified that they will have to grow up the same way we did. Not that it was BAD, no, just that I know how hard my parents worked to give us what we wanted, and I know they regret having to do so. I know they regret that I had to walk home from school, at 12, by myself, and be in a house alone for a few hours every day until they came home (latch-key kid, to those from my time). I know they regret having to put us in daycare 6 days a week, just so they could work to PAY for the daycare. I know they are still working their butts off today, because they are making sure they are not in debt for the future. (Please note, they also do what I do, because they know it is smart.)

What I’ve learned from all that is…I DON’T WANT TO DO IT. I want to figure out NOW what to do so that I don’t have to spend my kids’ entire childhood working. I want to BE there for them when they need me most. I want to be the volunteering room mom, or field day mom, or field trip to the firehouse mom. I hate that I can’t mark any volunteering on the papers that come home, because I know I don’t have time. I despise that I have to tell my 5 year old that I cannot accompany him to the firehouse to see the firemen and trucks, because Mommy has to work. I know I’m not the only one, so why doesn’t this irritate MORE parents into action???

When people tell me, I don’t have time for another thing…THAT’S WHY YOU NEED THIS THING. You need to create time for yourself in the future. You don’t have it now, so what is the difference to throw another thing into the pot, work at it for a couple years, and then have ALL the time in the world later?? Would you rather continue working, day after day, month after month, get your 3% raise, not get your bonus, work more, then wonder why you haven’t gotten anywhere but a higher pay grade with more responsibility than it is worth? Is that your preference? Then you, sir (or ma’am, equal opportunity here), are insane*.

I’ve had several people contact me lately, because they’ve seen my success so far (I’m glad there is someone out there that doesn’t have me invisible on the Facebook feed), and they want to be part of it. But when I give them their REQUESTED information, they decide they no longer want it based on the FIRST information given? Are you kidding me? What is worse is that they don’t even ask questions, they just don’t bother to respond at all…well, I’m sorry to have bothered you with my legalities and work ethic. You continue with what you are doing, I’ll continue with what I do, and we’ll see who is happier in a year’s time. Am I saying I am BETTER than you? Nope. But I am saying that at least I act on my aspirations and ambitions, and do anything I can to make my and my family’s life better. Can you say the same? I hope so.

I’ll leave with this…if I said I would give you a million dollars to jump out of an airplane with no parachute, would you do it? (Please answer out loud, I’ll wait.) Now, what about if I said that jump out of the airplane would be with the plane on the ground, and a giant stunt pad/cushion only 15 feet below? (Please answer out loud again, I’ll wait.) I’m assuming that your answer changed from ‘no’ to ‘yes’. Why? The ONLY difference between those two situations was that the second one had a little more information. Your answer can change in 2 seconds with just a little more information.

Too many people accept what they have, and arrange their lives around that limitation, when they should really strive to figure out how to live life without limitation.  All it takes is a little dedication and time. When we spend on average 45 years working for someone else, what is a couple years of working for ourselves? My business may not be *for* everyone, but everyone should have something to fall back on. That’s my point, in the end. Do I think that my business is needed by everyone? Hell, yes. But not everyone is ready for *it*.

(This post brought to you by an irritation triggered by talking to a coworker that should really retire, but won’t yet, and needs more money, but isn’t into ‘that stuff’. What ‘stuff’? MAKING MONEY? OK, THEN.)

*The definition of ‘insanity’ is doing the same thing, over and over, expecting a different result.

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