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Special Delivery! Two Weeks of Food, Reviewed


So I am what you might call a ‘serial dieter’.  Over the years, I’ve tried many different diets and meal plans, hoping to find something that works. I’ve never needed to lose a ton of weight, there is just always that bit of excess that most of us have, especially after having kids.

I’ve done:

  • Jenny Craig
  • Weight Watchers (twice)
  • Nutrisystem
  • Counting calories
  • Slim fast
  • Heart patient prior to surgery diet
  • Hollywood juice diet
  • …and been tempted to try many others

Most of those worked to a point, and Weight Watchers was probably the most successful (lost 20 pounds each time), but when you stop counting points, the weight creeps back on.

So when I was ready to go for it again–trying to get rid of these last fifteen pounds–I was happy to try the weightloss system that a branch of my business utilizes. They teach you to change your eating habits, so that you naturally eat better and become healthier. You can be more aggressive with it, and there are varying levels of commitment, whether you need weight loss, maintenance, or just getting healthier. I like how you can choose the level you are able to do, and you go through a couple questionnaires so they can recommend programs for you, depending upon your activity level, your level of desire to improve, your time frame to do it in, etc.

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I started a fitness challenge early this month, for twelve weeks. Now, my schedule doesn’t allow me to have set exercise and eating times every day, nor am I always home for dinner. The meal delivery option that is offered had a new level, fresh-frozen food for fourteen days, for $10/day plus shipping. That’s pretty damn good, considering I get breakfast, lunch, and dinner for two weeks with that. I got to choose my food for each meal, and they delivered about a week later. Here is how it came:

image image

image image

They really made sure it stayed frozen during transport!

image image


Food for 2 weeks!

First thing I noticed about these, was how much BIGGER the containers are, versus frozen meals from the store. After trying my first one (egg omelet with breakfast potatoes and a sausage party), I was astonished at the size of the servings. Easily twice the amount of store-bought frozen meals. The difference with these meals is that they are all low-glycemic, and are very healthy. Very low sodium as well, which is great, as most frozen meals are VERY high in sodium, which completely defeats the purpose of ‘eating healthy’. 

image image

Pictured above are two meals: the aforementioned omelet, sausage, potatoes combo; and a turkey with dressing/gravy, corn, and green beans. I have picked up a few tricks along the way of this serial dieting, one being to use smaller plates, so that you fill them up easier, and you feel like you are eating more. These meals definitely fill up those plates! I have been nicely full after eating each one.

That reminds me, I forgot my applesauce in the freezer this morning. Damn. My breakfast was a cheddar cheese omelet with breakfast potatoes and applesauce. I despise warm fruit (yes, this means I do NOT eat baked fruit pies…ew), so I wanted to cool the applesauce back down before eating. Was running late, forgot that I put it back in the freezer to cool down. Double damn. 

Anyway, so far, so good, with this program. I’m enjoying the meals, feel full afterward, don’t have to worry about what to eat for meals, and the price isn’t too bad, when you think about how much it would cost to buy it all fresh at the store, and then the TIME to make it all…which I don’t have. 

Two thumbs up for Simply Delivered right now, and I’m looking forward to staying on track with the meals and seeing how it affects my weight/inch/fatloss. 

One note: be sure you have PLENTY of freezer space with which to store it all! Didn’t think about that part, though I did manage to make it all fit, between two standard fridge/freezers. 

**Please note that I have NOT been paid for this review, nor do I have any personal gain if anyone tries this delivery program out…this was something I bought for myself, was not asked to review anything by the company

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