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Selling An Idea. Selling Belief.

lots of people go to school and major in something. Finance. Marketing. Cardiology. Veterinary Sciences. Whatever.

I’m currently in school. Bet you didn’t know that. I’m in Financial Freedom school. it isn’t much different than people going to ‘normal’ colleges or universities, except our endpoint is likely much, much different. See, my school teaches me how to earn what I’m worth, and how to help others realize they are worth so much more. It teaches me how to recognize greatness in others. It teaches me how to believe in myself. At the end of my 3 years of school, I will be far better off financially, and living my life as I wish, not as my ‘free time’ dictates.

The hardest subject in my schooling is how to sell an idea. A belief, if you will. Sure, I have tangible products to sell, and customers are great; we need them to keep moving, as any business does. But I have to learn to sell an idea that there are different ways to live. That there are alternative means to earn money, means that grow and grow and grow. But you have to get a person to believe it is possible first.

Apple had to sell an idea with their first ad.

Edison had to sell an idea of light without flame.

Ford had to sell an idea of travel without animals.

McDonalds had to sell an idea that it was easier to just go buy a crappy hamburger than to cook it yourself.

Burger King had to sell the idea that their burgers were better than McDonalds.

See the trend, here? There is always a starting point for a vested company, product, or way of life. Whoever sold the idea that people needed to work 40+ hours per week, and get paid a set value per hour, and that this was the BEST way to live, should be strung up by their toes and waterboarded. Setting aside my opinion of the ‘standard’ working life, though, it is the ACCEPTED idea of how one should live.

I’ve seen friends degrade what I do, though not directly at me. They say that to be self-employed with a traditional business is better than being self-employed with a leveraged business. They look down their nose at people like me that actually take a chance and try something ‘out of the box’. We buy the idea. We buy the belief. They don’t.

There were people that scoffed at Edison for his ridiculous ‘electricity’ idea.

There were people that laughed at Ford for his insane ‘automobile’ idea.

People forget (or just don’t know) that the McDonald’s franchise started years before it was recognized as a nation-wide brand, and with an entirely different name.

People also forget that Steve Jobs (along with Steve Wozniak) created a ‘blue box’ that allowed people to make long-distance calls for free, an illegal activity. Creating that box is what led him to develop the idea for Apple. He realized that he could take on big companies, and beat them.

Jobs had to keep a huge belief in himself and in his ideas in order to keep moving forward, no matter how long it took to succeed. And successes look different to everyone. To many in my business, I’m successful, but I feel I’m nowhere near where I should be,  because I know what I am capable of. Success can be as small as gaining a new customer, or having a person agree to take a chance on what you believe in, and give you an hour of their time to learn more. If Jobs hadn’t had the success with the ‘blue box’, would Apple be here today? Who knows.

Every day, I strengthen my belief in myself and in what I am doing. I make a move, or take a step that will allow me to grow and multiply. It doesn’t matter if people put me down, or laugh at me. They are not living my life. They are not paying my bills. They are not responsible for my children’s future. I am, along with my wonderful husband.

I’ll find those people that want things as badly as I do. I’ll find those that are willing to promote an idea; a belief. I’ll find the next Steve Jobs, or Thomas Edison, at least in the form of a visionary and true pioneer. I’ll continue my education that will lead to my freedom. Most people go to school for 4 years (or more), and then hope they can get a job that pays them enough to live. I’m going to school for a few years (or so) because I know at the end of it, not only will I earn what I’m worth, I’ll also be able TO live.

Time to get to work…or is it?

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