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Adios, 2013. You’ve Been…Unimpressive.

You may have noticed my absence for quote a few weeks. Whoops. Holidays take a lot of my attention, and we’ve been so dang busy living, I forgot to describe that living for my couple of readers. Good thing Santa has already come and gone, or I’d have coal in my stocking!

Seeing as there are only 4 hours left in 2013, it’s inevitable that a little look backward at the year is coming. Do you do that? Take inventory of your year, decide what to change, fix, start, stop, etc? Obviously, I do.

I will say that initially, 2013 for me was a frustrating year. I don’t want to call is disappointing, because there is never disappointment when personal growth and good health are present. However, frustration can exist in this situation.

I’m frustrated with my progress on existing goals. I know that this is purely my own fault, and I recognize my lack of effort for too much of the year. So, in essence, I’m frustrated with myself. Business-wise, I had a plateau to stand on. Perhaps even some downhill action, if I look too closely. But what that means is that I was able to learn what NOT to do, and how NOT to conduct business for the future. Definite learning experience, which means it was not a complete loss.

I’m frustrated at the fact that I seem to not have as strong of friendship ties as I thought. I’m a person that will do anything for a friend in need, and loyalty is a big deal for me. What I learned in 2013 is that not all of my friends feel the same way in return. Disappointing, yes, but it has taught me that I just need to create new relationships, and make it a point to strengthen ones that are existing and worthy. I’ve decided to get myself a stationery set, and start writing letters again. I love technology and the quick connection of emails, texts, facebook walls and tweets, but I sincerely miss just talking to people, and hearing their voices, or reading their hand-written words. #oldschool

The more I think about it, the more it becomes clear that I can’t afford to not make 2014 a stellar year. I have no choice. If I don’t, then three hundred and sixty-five days from now, I’ll be no better off, and lamenting the same things. The pain of staying the same must be strong for me in order to make a change.

I’m feeling that pain. So much more than in the past. I can’t abide with being comfortably miserable, or just surviving instead of living. It just doesn’t work for me.

Random thought, but I think I may work on doing a video journal/blog as often as possible. Sometimes, I can get a point across better when I speak it, rather than typing.

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