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So I Saw ‘Saving Mr. Banks’

And I liked it.

But I do have to quantify my definition of ‘like’.

My dear husband accompanied me to see it, just to humor me. We had no idea what it was really about, just that it involved Tom Hanks as Walt Disney, and something about Mary Poppins.

I love Mary Poppins.

What we discovered was that it was not really about Mary Poppins, but rather about the author of the Mary Poppins stories, and her childhood struggles that led to her writings.

My husband was bored. He claims he ‘liked it’, and wasn’t bored, but he lies. He was utterly bored. I give him props for not pulling out his phone and playing Candy Crush.

Why did I like it? Because I love learning about backstories and WHY things are they way they are. I’ve never read the Mary Poppins books, but I do love the movie (spoiler alert—much of the movie is NOT like the books). It was slower-moving, and much more thought-provoking than the general public can handle. It was Oscar-caliber, and I have seen chatter of just that.

In the interest of full disclosure, I rarely ever see Oscar-nominated films. They bore me. Usually because the topics are not things I’m interested in. But Disney? Mary Poppins? I was drawn in, hook, line, and sinker.

Short story long, I truly did enjoy the movie, though I would have to consider the person I’m talking to if they asked me if they should see it. The commercials are a bit misleading…there isn’t a lot of actual Disney in it, but a lot of Walt, a little sadness, several fantastic lessons, and is definitely worth the time if you enjoy learning about how things come into existence.

That reminds me, I better start looking this instant if I’m to be Mary Poppins for Halloween this year. So many smart outfits to choose from, but destined to be quite the project.

Happy 2014 to you all, and cheers to a great start!

(PS, my birthday is in a week. Y’know…as a side note.)

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