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It’s Sexy and You Know It

I hear a lot of talk about new ‘biz ops’ that are ‘sexy’, therefore more appealing to the younger crowd of entrepreneurs all over the world. You know what is sexy? No limitations. Watch this and find out what I mean.


Selling An Idea. Selling Belief.

lots of people go to school and major in something. Finance. Marketing. Cardiology. Veterinary Sciences. Whatever.

I’m currently in school. Bet you didn’t know that. I’m in Financial Freedom school. it isn’t much different than people going to ‘normal’ colleges or universities, except our endpoint is likely much, much different. See, my school teaches me how to earn what I’m worth, and how to help others realize they are worth so much more. It teaches me how to recognize greatness in others. It teaches me how to believe in myself. At the end of my 3 years of school, I will be far better off financially, and living my life as I wish, not as my ‘free time’ dictates.

The hardest subject in my schooling is how to sell an idea. A belief, if you will. Sure, I have tangible products to sell, and customers are great; we need them to keep moving, as any business does. But I have to learn to sell an idea that there are different ways to live. That there are alternative means to earn money, means that grow and grow and grow. But you have to get a person to believe it is possible first.

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This One’s a Doozy. Read with Caution!

Sometimes I write posts, and when I get to the end, I realize I shouldn’t actually POST what I wrote. This happened yesterday. I never want to sound preachy, which was the result of what I had written. Will I be direct? Yes. Will I be blunt? Yes. But not preachy, and I’d prefer to stay away from putting down other businesses out there (when discussing business). There was no real way to get my point across yesterday without doing this, so I opted to not make it public.

Today, I’m irritated. Not quite RPO, but irritated as hell. And today, I’m about to get direct with you, dear reader.

I wish I could make one of those magic flowcharts that tells you what to do at the end, based on your answers from one step to the next. It would be SO MUCH EASIER to make people understand what they just don’t know. Mine would look something like this:


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The Tipping Point of ‘Situations V Can Handle’


There is a microscopic point that exists when ‘fine/I can handle it’ crosses over to ‘unacceptable’.

I think I’ve reached it. I think I hit the fulcrum head-on and knocked it all out of alignment, tipping the scale dangerously to the ‘really pissed off‘ side.

Now is the time that I need to throw caution to the wind and just be me. I always am ‘me’, but there are instances where I tone it back, to fit the situation.

However, if I want to get things done, and get them done NOW, I can no longer accommodate others in this manner (because that is what it is). My passion for what I do, who I am, and what I want need to shine, and shine so bright that people cannot help but be drawn to it.

I don’t do this for myself. I do it for my family. For my husband, who works so hard but sees little return or change. For my precious boys, who deserve to grow up with the utmost positive outlook on life. For those out in the world that I can help, because heaven knows they are out there wanting it, and I can provide it.

Maybe a bit for myself as well, though. I can’t lie. I will work 100x harder for myself than I will for a boss, because I see 100% of the return of my effort, not 10%. Not 5%. Not 5.3%, which is what my salary actually is, compared to the income I bring in for my J.O.B. each year. Pardon me, but I’d rather get that 100%, wouldn’t you?

I want pretty things. I want a pretty life. Why is this a bad thing? When did it become fashionable to put down nice things? Is it merely because 95% of the population DOESN’T have those things? So we feel better about ourselves by trashing the things we don’t (and likely will never) have? Well that is ridiculous. I think it is far more fun to actually get the things, and have no problem figuring out how.

I’ll tell you what…I’ve had people disdainfully comment to me–after I’ve asked them what they would do if their yearly income suddenly became their monthly income, and they know what my business is–they have said, “How would that happen? Through ‘shopping’? (Imagine that world dripping with sarcasm and disgust)” My old answer was always, “well, it takes time, I’m setting up for our future, yada yada…”

I have a new answer.

“You are goddamned right.”

Now please, pardon me, as I have some serious work to do with my ‘shopping‘ business. I’ll be busy getting paid to live my life (literally), while you just move through life.

Full Speed Ahead, Next Stop: Creativeville #RPO #PlanB

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How was your weekend? Did you enjoy it? Did you perhaps go somewhere, and really not want to return to work this morning? Welcome to the world of billions.

I’m trying to end that cycle for myself, and anyone else that wants to jump on the train.

I saw this blurb today: writes: By 2030, based on the current trend of widening income inequality, close to 85% of all working-age adults in the U.S. will experience bouts of economic insecurity.

I’ve been through my bout, never want to go back. Still climbing out of it, as a matter of fact. Why is it that the majority of people must have a negative experience affect their life before they will create a ‘cushion’ for themselves? Before they realize it is even necessary? Are you one of those people? Are you going through life every day, thinking to yourself, I have a good job, comfortable life, generally have no problems with money (people that live paycheck to paycheck view themselves as comfortable because their paycheck is big enough to cover what they currently want). What happens when you get hurt, can’t work, or even worse, what would happen if you died? If your spouse died? If there was no life insurance? And I’m not talking AFLAC stuff here.  Morbid? Yep. Reality? Oh, yes.

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Then There Was That Time I Helped a Relative #RPO

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People have wondered why I’m so open about my failures. It isn’t because I’m ‘ok’ with FAILING itself. It is because I accept that failure happens, and I learn from it, but I also want to help others learn from it without them actually *having* to fail. Make sense? I’d rather point out my own flaws and mistakes (and really, it took years to reach that point), and have it help someone else out, so they don’t have to experience the disappointment and agony of that same failure.

I believe it also helps those that HAVE failed, so they see that they are not alone! I’m considered successful in my business, though in my mind, I should be oh-so-much-more by now. What I have to realize is that people see what I’m doing, and they are like, wow, that’s awesome! I have to understand that for some, it does not come this ‘easy’ (was so not easy, but I apparently make it look as if it is), and they think that they could never do what I do.

Yes, you can.

My sister and I have failed so many times at our business, oh my word so many times, but what sets us apart is that we have NEVER given up. Have we thought about it? Oh yes. But we didn’t do it. We kept pushing. We are still learning, still growing. I would rather document and be open about our failures, so that others can see that we are NOT getting by easy. We have had the same trials that they have had, but we accept them and move on.

So back to the point in my story that I left off with…

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Are you RPO?

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You are probably wondering, ‘What is RPO?’ No, I didn’t spell RIP incorrectly.

RPO means ‘Really Pissed Off’. (Yep, I made that up. Go with it.)

RPO is an internal thing. It isn’t something you share on your face, or in your actions, or your words (that’s just pissed off). It isn’t visible as being the accepted form of ‘pissed off’, where you likely verbally abuse someone that made you angry, or slam doors and declare your irritation loudly. It is a pulsing, vibrating, emanating emotion that drives you. It keeps you going, day after day, when no one seems to be on your side. When no one understands how badly you want something. When it drives you insane that no one (or at least, next to no one) wants something for themselves just as badly. You just don’t get why they feel that way, because you feel so strongly about it.

If you feel any of this, you are RPO.

RPO pushes you to do things you may not otherwise do. It encourages you to take chances. It helps you make that leap of faith. It tells you, Why not try? instead of, You might fail! It is a boiling point that might make you uncomfortable in the pit of your stomach, constantly, until you find the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. When you do find that light, though…be prepared to have that RPO feeling until you actually feel the warmth of light and freedom on your face. Could take time, but it will be worth it.

When you get RPO, you start looking. You start searching. For anything and everything that can help you get out of where you are at currently.  You may not make a move for a while, or you may continue what you are doing while pursuing your exit strategy (which I’ve discussed before).  You may be open with others about your desires, or you may keep it to yourself, for fear of them pooh-poohing your dreams.

I’ve been RPO since 2001. Been there, done that. Still doing it, daily. I started 12 years ago, at the tender age of 20. I already knew that working sucked. I already knew that even though I had a high IQ, and did well in school, didn’t mean crap when it came to the fact that I didn’t know what I wanted to do (who the hell does at age 20??), despised having a boss, and was repelled by people paying me next to nothing while I dedicated my precious time to them. We can never get back time, do not forget that.

Did that mean that I refused to do these things? No. I still had bills to pay. But it did mean that I started looking for alternatives early on. ‘Tried’ being the operative word.

Tune in tomorrow, when I will begin to recount where I got my start in the ‘non-traditional income’ game (and it truly is a game), and where I failed, if I succeeded, and why I chose the things that I did.


Fitness Challenge End…It’s Not Over, It’s Only Just Begun!

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So, you remember when I started my fitness challenge back on 3/1? It is officially over. I lost a total of 13 inches overall, with 6 of that in the hips, 4 in the waist. What surprised me, though, was that I only lost 10 lbs. I guess muscle really does weigh more than fat. I lost an entire clothing size, which is great. I can wear clothes that I never thought I would fit into again, and I even was able to comfortably wear a pair of designer shorts (notoriously sized too small) in a size smaller than I normally wear (and have worn for the past 12 years). I didn’t buy the shorts just yet, though, because even though my challenge is over, my journey has really just begun. Because of the success of the challenge, it encouraged us to take it a step further, and book personal training at our gym. This is something we’ve talked about for years, but never had the money to do (sound familiar?). This time, we decided enough was enough. We got ourselves started well, but we need professional assistance now. Shannon is looking great, I’m slimming down, but we both really want to be in a much healthier body fat %, and he wants to be more ‘cut’, while I need lean toning.

I think that the weirdest thing, for me, is that I actually enjoy working out now. I like to go to the gym. I look forward to the end of my day when I have a date with the weight machines. I’ve even got Shannon doing Leg Day now, because we are doing it together.

You know what the best part of the challenge was? How much better I feel now. I’m not winded as easily after a quick burst of activity. I don’t have to ‘suck it in’ (as much) when in tighter fitting clothing. Hell, I even WEAR that clothing more often now. I’ve got bigger goals ahead, but I know I can hit them. That new wardrobe will have to hold off a little while longer…I have a size in mind that I haven’t worn since I was 20 years old. But hey, if I can get to where I am now (haven’t been this ‘fit’ since I was 23), I know I can get down to that. People already think I’m years younger than I am because of my face…may as well get that body to match!

I know I could not have done this without the proper guidance, and the program I used during the challenge was a huge part of that. Nutrition, supplementation, accelerators, and workouts. Lifestyles need to entirely change in order for it to work, and mine has.