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Selling An Idea. Selling Belief.

lots of people go to school and major in something. Finance. Marketing. Cardiology. Veterinary Sciences. Whatever.

I’m currently in school. Bet you didn’t know that. I’m in Financial Freedom school. it isn’t much different than people going to ‘normal’ colleges or universities, except our endpoint is likely much, much different. See, my school teaches me how to earn what I’m worth, and how to help others realize they are worth so much more. It teaches me how to recognize greatness in others. It teaches me how to believe in myself. At the end of my 3 years of school, I will be far better off financially, and living my life as I wish, not as my ‘free time’ dictates.

The hardest subject in my schooling is how to sell an idea. A belief, if you will. Sure, I have tangible products to sell, and customers are great; we need them to keep moving, as any business does. But I have to learn to sell an idea that there are different ways to live. That there are alternative means to earn money, means that grow and grow and grow. But you have to get a person to believe it is possible first.

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This One’s a Doozy. Read with Caution!

Sometimes I write posts, and when I get to the end, I realize I shouldn’t actually POST what I wrote. This happened yesterday. I never want to sound preachy, which was the result of what I had written. Will I be direct? Yes. Will I be blunt? Yes. But not preachy, and I’d prefer to stay away from putting down other businesses out there (when discussing business). There was no real way to get my point across yesterday without doing this, so I opted to not make it public.

Today, I’m irritated. Not quite RPO, but irritated as hell. And today, I’m about to get direct with you, dear reader.

I wish I could make one of those magic flowcharts that tells you what to do at the end, based on your answers from one step to the next. It would be SO MUCH EASIER to make people understand what they just don’t know. Mine would look something like this:


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The Tipping Point of ‘Situations V Can Handle’


There is a microscopic point that exists when ‘fine/I can handle it’ crosses over to ‘unacceptable’.

I think I’ve reached it. I think I hit the fulcrum head-on and knocked it all out of alignment, tipping the scale dangerously to the ‘really pissed off‘ side.

Now is the time that I need to throw caution to the wind and just be me. I always am ‘me’, but there are instances where I tone it back, to fit the situation.

However, if I want to get things done, and get them done NOW, I can no longer accommodate others in this manner (because that is what it is). My passion for what I do, who I am, and what I want need to shine, and shine so bright that people cannot help but be drawn to it.

I don’t do this for myself. I do it for my family. For my husband, who works so hard but sees little return or change. For my precious boys, who deserve to grow up with the utmost positive outlook on life. For those out in the world that I can help, because heaven knows they are out there wanting it, and I can provide it.

Maybe a bit for myself as well, though. I can’t lie. I will work 100x harder for myself than I will for a boss, because I see 100% of the return of my effort, not 10%. Not 5%. Not 5.3%, which is what my salary actually is, compared to the income I bring in for my J.O.B. each year. Pardon me, but I’d rather get that 100%, wouldn’t you?

I want pretty things. I want a pretty life. Why is this a bad thing? When did it become fashionable to put down nice things? Is it merely because 95% of the population DOESN’T have those things? So we feel better about ourselves by trashing the things we don’t (and likely will never) have? Well that is ridiculous. I think it is far more fun to actually get the things, and have no problem figuring out how.

I’ll tell you what…I’ve had people disdainfully comment to me–after I’ve asked them what they would do if their yearly income suddenly became their monthly income, and they know what my business is–they have said, “How would that happen? Through ‘shopping’? (Imagine that world dripping with sarcasm and disgust)” My old answer was always, “well, it takes time, I’m setting up for our future, yada yada…”

I have a new answer.

“You are goddamned right.”

Now please, pardon me, as I have some serious work to do with my ‘shopping‘ business. I’ll be busy getting paid to live my life (literally), while you just move through life.

Yes, You CAN Do What You Want in Life. Just Ask My Kids.

Every morning while I get ready for work, we have the news on the TV (WGN, always). When my kids get up early enough, they come in and lay in our bed and watch some of the news as well, before switching the channel to Disney Junior. My 6 year old likes to watch the weather report, so that he can tell everyone what the weather will be for today and tomorrow.

Though I’m not fond of them watching all the bad news that is reported (and there seems to be a lot these days–more often than good news), it doesn’t generally take long for them to see the weather report and then change to their shows. Today, one of the reports was about getting a job out of college and working. I honestly have no idea what the story was really about, but my 6 year old said to me, ‘So, after college, you go and get a job and work forever?’

Screeching halt in my brain. Two years ago, I’d have said, yep, sure do. Now? Oh, no. No, I took that opportunity to tell my boys that there IS an option to that. I said, well, you *can* do that, and most people do. If you enjoy school and want to go to college, do it. If you enjoy your field and can get a job in it, do it. But you can also do what Mommy is doing. You do have an option. You can be an entrepreneur. (I had to help them sound that one out, but they got it.)

I’m not sure that you can imagine the joy I felt in my heart to be able to tell my boys that they had an option to working their lives away. I had to take a moment afterward. I told them that they could work for themselves, and live their lives how they wanted, without restrictions. Do you know how that feels, to tell a young child–who is currently being molded and shaped according to YOUR views–that they have an option? That they TRULY can do whatever they want with their lives? It was startling.

Perhaps it would help some people to look at life with ‘fresh eyes’. What if you had choices? What if you had options? Would you change your life? I have, and I am so grateful for it. I know that I have already changed my boys’ life paths just by giving them that choice. In 5 minutes, their entire future was altered, simply because I chose to be different.


13 Years, 5 Failures, Lots of Lost Dollars All Led to This #RPO

Weight can be a funny thing. I’ve decided I’m throwing out my scale. Well, ok, just not using it any longer, as my husband still uses it. But for me, it is pointless. I’ve only lost like 3 actual pounds, but my body is most definitely different now. I have more muscle forming. I have lost excess stuff around the middle (thanks, pregnancy). I can fit into smaller sizes now. But that scale taunts me. So, I shall kick it to the curb, figuratively speaking.

Anyway, back to our big topic lately…what do you do when you are Really Pissed Off?

If you are like me (heavens help you if so), your mind is continuously processing thousands of ideas per second, racing around trying to figure out what will work, and what won’t.

I’ve found what won’t. Several times. But in the process, I’ve singled out things that will work, and kept a running tally in my head.

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Full Speed Ahead, Next Stop: Creativeville #RPO #PlanB

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How was your weekend? Did you enjoy it? Did you perhaps go somewhere, and really not want to return to work this morning? Welcome to the world of billions.

I’m trying to end that cycle for myself, and anyone else that wants to jump on the train.

I saw this blurb today: writes: By 2030, based on the current trend of widening income inequality, close to 85% of all working-age adults in the U.S. will experience bouts of economic insecurity.

I’ve been through my bout, never want to go back. Still climbing out of it, as a matter of fact. Why is it that the majority of people must have a negative experience affect their life before they will create a ‘cushion’ for themselves? Before they realize it is even necessary? Are you one of those people? Are you going through life every day, thinking to yourself, I have a good job, comfortable life, generally have no problems with money (people that live paycheck to paycheck view themselves as comfortable because their paycheck is big enough to cover what they currently want). What happens when you get hurt, can’t work, or even worse, what would happen if you died? If your spouse died? If there was no life insurance? And I’m not talking AFLAC stuff here.  Morbid? Yep. Reality? Oh, yes.

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My First Attempt to Soothe Being RPO

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Yesterday, I introduced you to RPO. Did you recognize it in yourself? If so, good. Perhaps I awoke something in you that you weren’t sure how to label.

My uphill battle started when I was a sophomore at Northern Illinois University, at the age of 20. I was still the dreaded ‘Undecided’, and had absolutely no desire to go in any particular direction. I was so burnt out from school, from the years of honors classes and ‘special treatment’ because I was smart, that I just did not care to keep going. I had refused to take out loans for school, which at least was smart foresight on my part, judging by the skyrocketing debt of students now. We are still paying off a $10k loan for my husband, from 11 years ago, and he didn’t even finish school. Sad.

When they wanted me to ‘declare myself’, I said no. I said I was done. I still had no direction to head in, and I absolutely would not put myself and my parents into further debt by taking on loans for an aimless path. About the same time, my grandma had fallen ill with breast cancer, and was moving in with my parents. I decided it would be best to move back home and be close to her, and help them with care. My husband (fiance at the time) also dropped out of school (in his third year…looking back, knowing him now, why in the WORLD did he ever decide to do computer science as his major??? Likely because computers were an emerging thing still back then, lots of promise), and we moved in with my parents.

Before all that happened, though, and I was fresh off the realization that I didn’t want to get a degree, and spend my life pursuing one path, I started searching. It was the birth of my RPO energy. I was RPO that I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, but that I thought I’d have to spend it doing something tedious and not worth my time.

I kept my eye out. College is a good place to ‘stumble’ upon people that are offering young, hopeful people a ‘new’ way. Let’s just be real and say what it is: preying on them.

I actually cannot tell you what I searched for, and how I did it, nor can I tell you who gave me what I ended up starting (for the sake of not being sued, we’ll just call it H___alife). I have absolutely no recollection of agreeing to become a distributor, nor do I really recall how much it cost me (likely $150 or so, at the time, which was like all my waitressing tips for the week). All I remember about it, is that I got a box, with a few bottles of vitamins, a protein shake, a shaker cup, and some ‘business material’.

For the record: I despise swallowing vitamins. So, that was my first problem.

My second problem, besides the contents of that box, is that I had no person that came with the box. No one to show me how to succeed. No one to build my confidence and explain what the products did, why they were good, and what the company was about. Sure, I could go on the website (at the time…definitely not what we would now consider standard for a company website) to ‘learn more’, or buy product materials, but that is not how I operate. Give me a person that has done it, and done it well, and I want them to lay it out for me, step by step, on how to succeed.

I didn’t have that. Was it any surprise that I failed, and failed miserably? I think I tried for about 5 seconds with my first ‘at-home business’. I can’t even say that I sold a single item, or talked to a single friend about it. I wasn’t excited, which would be exactly why I failed. I’m someone that just can’t fake belief in something. If I believe in it, oh, you know it. But if I don’t…well…my failure chance balloons.

There I was, with a box full of stuff, swallowing pills that I hated and didn’t change how I felt one iota, and an irritated fiance, because I’m pretty sure that I just ‘did it’, whether he said yes or not. Moving back to Mom and Dad’s came shortly after, and I pretty much just let my ‘business’ drift away.

Most people would have let that stop them. They would have said, well, guess there really isn’t a ‘different’ way, I’ll just have to go work.

I’m not most people. Tomorrow will show what was next for me. The Turkey Train had left the station, and had only just begun my path of misadventure.


Why Having Dreams is Essential to Personal Growth

If you’ve been reading my things for a while (I’ve written several blogs over the past 4-5 years), you know that 2012 was a bit of a change for me. Ok, well, a lot of a change. You may know why, you may not (questions are always welcome). One of the big things that changed was that dreams no longer were just dreams.

Do you know the difference?

Dreams are things that you wish you had, but never EVER will reach or achieve (according to you and your outlook on life). Many people say that even though something may not come true, dreams are nice to have. Others say that dreams are a waste of time, directly because they are merely that–DREAMS.

‘Dreams’, to me now, are goals that you just haven’t put into words yet. Goals are attainable. Dreams are big goals. Or little goals, like me wanting to own anything Oscar de la Renta (these earrings are a nice start).  But if you dream about something you desire to have, be, see, visit, etc, make it a goal! Figure out what is needed to achieve the dream, break it down into smaller goals that will eventually get you to the big dream. Write them down. Put actual DATES on them. You can always adjust later if you need to, but put them down. And don’t be safe. I’d rather shoot for the stars and perhaps fail, landing on the moon instead, than shoot just for the moon and fail, thus landing back on Earth. I know I’ll hit those stars at some point, it just may take longer than I’d like.

If you feel or think like the people that say dreams are a waste of time, I highly suggest reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Ecker. You don’t have to want to be a millionaire to read it (but really, who doesn’t? And if you say ‘me’, then you really need to read this book). It will help you learn why you have the outlook that you do about money and wealth, and if you want to, how to change that in order to be more successful (success not necessarily only defined by money).

I am seeing little dreams come true every other day, not just mine, but people around me. People I chose to align myself with in the past year. I know that my big dreams WILL happen in the foreseeable future, it is just a matter of mapping out my goals and doing the work to get there. Just ask my sister, who has her last day of work this coming Thursday, not because she wanted a new job, or was let go, but because she chose to chase a dream (big goals), and is ‘retiring’ from the corporate workforce. By choice, and at age 25. That’s a goal we should all appreciate, and likely a dream many have. Are you going after yours?