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Cody Belew, You Made My Day

If you aren’t on Twitter, you can’t understand the excitement one feels when a celeb you follow tweets you directly. I hope this will not go over anyone’s heads.

I watch The Voice. Not just for delicious eye-candy named Adam Levine, but for the sheer talent that is broadcast. Last season, I got bored toward the end because it was mainly country, and I am just not a country music fan. But the season before was spectacular, in terms of talent I enjoyed, My favorite? Cody Belew.

Cody reminded me of a young George Michael (post-WHAM! era, into the Freedom 90 time). He was so adorable, with his southern self, wearing his pinstriped button-down tucked into his jeans. A-dor-a-ble. Watch his audition, especially at the 2:45 mark.

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An Alternative to Feeling Helpless – #26Acts

So we all know what happened last Friday. Everyone knows. I find it very difficult to talk about, namely because my older son is 6 years old, and it is an automatic reaction to place yourself in that situation. It is unbearable. It is easier for me to avoid the coverage and discussion in order to save my own sanity. So I have.

Last night on The Voice, the entire cast did an opening number of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. They happened to do my favorite verses (not the popularly-used ones, after the initial one). Each performer was holding a card with the name and age of a victim. That made me lose my shit. Seeing it in black and white is the most difficult thing, ever. I spent the rest of the 90 minutes basically sobbing. Hell, as I sit here recounting it, I need a tissue.

This morning, a friend posted this article on Facebook: #26Acts of Kindness (thanks Nina).

This I can do. This I can bear. Performing a random act of kindness for 26 people is not only feasible, but uplifting and positive. I can’t do anything about what happened. But I can absolutely help change the energy in the universe. I learned recently that the universe can be a powerful thing, and you need to use it wisely. This is how I will do so.

This week, leading up to Christmas, I will be doing these 26 acts of kindness, and reporting every single one here. I will involve my kids, as well. I’m not sure that I’m strong enough to relate each one to a particular victim in writing, but I will know in my heart it is for each one. When those 26 are complete, I will make it a point to do at least one act of kindness per week, to keep up the energy flow.

I challenge you to participate in this movement. Whether you use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, blogs, or hell, buy a billboard and take a picture of it, I challenge you to 26 Acts of Kindness, and report it somehow. Post in these comments, if you’d like. But I want to see it happen. We have to take control back. We have to appreciate our lives, and appreciate others’. If we don’t start with ourselves, we have no business trying to help everyone else.

*as a note, please do NOT post about needing more gun control, less gun control, political views, etc. I will not appreciate it, and it will not be approved by me. Talking gets you nowhere, and fighting pushes you backward. Measurable action is what moves us forward.